Woman Do Love Snowballing Men Too – It’s True

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Here is Proof Woman Love Snowballing Cum Too.

Although all my posts are true stories and you can tell because my wife isn’t into this fetish but does it for me, did you know there are actually woman who do love it?  Below is the first story written by someone other than me.  This person just found CumEatingHusband.com, realized there were others that shared his excitement with eating their own cum and felt he should tell us his fascinating story.  And Oh Fuck what a hot story it is.  I approve all comments to avoid spam so I read his comment before all of you.  I read it and just knew it was worthy of a front page post, not just a comment.

So here is an Anonymous Guest Post for you all to enjoy.

OMG…I just found your site and needed to add the following experience, to your stories.

I met a woman that I’ve known for some time, although not sexually, with a completely overwhelming oral fixation. Not that I’ve never had a BJ or 69 but, she took me on a voyage I can’t ( and don’t wish to ever) forget…. I’ve tried to explain this desire/obsession to a couple of my lovers with less than enthusiastic response. Maybe it’s too deviant…I kept thinking, there must be someone else who thinks this is sexy and exciting…and now, it seems I’ve found them…

I met this young woman while on vacation. We hit it off right away and after reaquainting and a few drinks and small talk, and dancing, grinding against each other, I know she could feel just how large and hard my cock had gotten. She whispered in my ear that she had “SOMETHING” in her room to take care of and grabbed my hand pulling me from the bar. We soon ended up in her hotel room stripping each others clothes off. I devoured every inch of her hot body. Her large breasts were soooo responsive her pussy flooded as I licked, caressed and sucked them. When I got to her creamy center, she began to moan so softly and got even more creamy, my cock began to throb as I licked and sucked her sweet Bald pussy. Shortly I slid my hard cock smoothly and Oh soooo slowly all the way into that incredibly wet pussy for a few long strokes. My mouth and face were already covered with her sweet nectar as we kissed and she licked my face clean. Now my cock and clean shaven balls dripping wet with her nectar too. I’m usually the more dominant type but this is where she took TOTAL control, after a just a few minutes fucking that hot mound. She pushed me down and getting on top in the hottest 69 I’ve ever had. I ate her dripping wet pussy while I caressed her beautiful ass and breasts. She proceeded to slowly tease and torture my cock and balls with her mouth, tongue, teeth and hands, All the while telling me not to swallow her juices till she told me to. I think I was producing a never-ending stream of pre-cum that she kept telling me she loved along with her wet juices coating my cock and balls. She held me on the edge for an eternity. She teased me till I thought I couldn’t stay on the edge a single heartbeat longer and she would stop, letting me simmer then start again and again nibbling with her teeth with just the right sharpness and pressure occasionally to increase my excitement. I continued to devour her soaking and now vibrating pussy with my tongue teeth and lips, trying to tease her as much as she was teasing me. Then she was ready and seemed to know exactly when she and I would both explode. When we did, she took all my cum into her mouth as she squirted again and again into mine and all over my face. We continued to suck until both of us were completely empty.

I have never before felt such release… Then, surprise, she spun around, her mouth full, lips and chin wet with my cum, my mouth full and whole face covered in her musky sweet creamy nectar. She began deep kissing/sharing our cum(she called it snowballing, I called it WOW SURPRISE#1). At the same time she wrapped her very wet upper thighs and pussy around my softening cock. Between the tastes(I had never tasted my own cum), wetness and sexyness of it all, I was very quickly hard as a rock again as I slipped easily into her hot soaking tunnel. She pounded her wet pussy up and down on my hard cock and “Snowballed” passing all that mixed hot cum back and forth for a while until we both came again as we each swallowed our share of the cum “cocktail”. She said that it was soooo good we should do it all over again. We did, starting with me eating my own cum out of her hot, sopping pussy. I came in her mouth three more times that night as she did in mine and “snowballing” each time. The last time, I did’t think I had anything left until, she started sucking sooo very softly until she felt my cock start to stir a little. She rolled us over so my ass was in the air and I could fuck her loving mouth while eating her gushing pussy. (Surprise #2) She slipped my now rock hard wet cock between her breasts while sucking my balls and licking, sucking and gently biting the area behind my balls. Without warning, she stuck a well lubed vibrating toy in my ass and massaged my prostate as she pushed my cock back into her mouth using her teeth(just the right pressure)and tongue seemed to be darting all over the head and shaft as she sucked me off… WOW! SURPRISE#3, It may not have been the most volume but I shot the longest & hardest of the night, we spasmed together for at least 2 minutes…once again sharing our rewards. It was the dirtiest, wettest, messiest sex I’ve ever had…. She didn’t just like the taste of cum…she craved it and wanted me to share her in cravings. I am soooooo HOOKED & LUCKY.

I haven’t been able to get this experience out of my head and get the biggest hard on just at the thought of how incredible the sex was…and how much she loved it. We spent the few days she had left together mostly in bed. She told me that it wasn’t gay if it was my own or our cum we were eating. That’s good because I think I’m addicted to the taste of cum mixed together in this way. I’ve even tried tasting my own cum after masturbating but it’s not the same. I think it has become an obsession. Thanks for your site.

So what did you all think?  Please comment and let us know.  I thought it was a great story and found it particularly arousing because the woman was into it big time.

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  1. Frankie on June 5, 2013 at 5:36 pm said:

    When we met she took me by my hand to the back of the bus pulled down my pants and then took my shaft into her mouth she had super suction I quess because she had no teeth and with in 6 minutes she had me shooting like nothing I have ever felt before,there were many times I had wanted to lay her down after eating for long times and let her let me enter to her,But she said NO NO that’s for when I get married. Later on she had me meet her future partner, they both sucked on my cock for a night of true passion.they are married now & I have to say Germellia where ever you are you could suck a basketball out of a cock. miss you yummo

  2. What happened to you i wish could happen to me the girl i am currently with would never do something like that i wish i could find a girl to do this with my girlfriend is very open and would let me do this to fulfill my fantasy

    • Transfixed on May 16, 2013 at 7:16 pm said:

      Yeah,my wife isnt that enthused about it either but I figure ,if it isnt too naughty to have it in her mouth,I ought to be able to share it with her….Show a little support…if its good enough for her,what makes you any better.I will admit though its MUCH easier to do before you come.That being the case,perhaps you should eat someone ELSES cum out of the wife is she is up to that.Someone you can trust to be disease clean and safe……..

      • That is definitely the case,at least with me.I am pretty adventuresome up until the climax,then I get pretty timid..Damn good thing I dont drink………..

  3. Stanley Powercock on September 27, 2012 at 2:21 pm said:

    My GF loves snowballing with me and having me eat out her pussy creampies, in fact, gets gets off harder when I am eating cum from her cunt, than when I am slamming my rod home inside her! She got into this kink because I french kissed her when she gave me my first BJ and told her not to swallow! So when her friends now ask her jokingly if she spits or swallows, he laughs and says, “Neither, I swap!” What a MILF!

  4. I can vouch for that. I would always kiss my wife after a bj, but she always swallowed or let it fall out of her mouth. One time she kept it and when I gave her a kiss, she pushed my bug load of cum right back into my mouth. I took it all and swallowed it myself. Ever since then, she has enjoyed giving it back to me in a big kiss after a bj.

  5. shaved4her on March 4, 2012 at 6:09 am said:

    Good story…wished it was me doing it too!

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