I suppose the scenarios are endless. You can add a new twist to the way you are forced to eat your cum in so many ways. Some are more exciting than others. Take for example breasts or shoulder blades. Which would be a hotter place you eat your cum from? Of course the breast is much hotter.


The female breast is an erogenous zone and as such woman enjoy them being touched and men enjoy touching, licking and simply looking at them. They are beautiful and visually stimulating that is for sure. So it goes without saying that it of course would be a much more exciting event to lick your own cum from a breast rather than a shoulder blade. From the breast your wife can watch while from the back she cannot.

Below I’ve created the five hottest placed to be forced to eat your sperm.

5. Being forced to eat it out of her belly button. A woman’s belly is very sexy and so is the button. The fact that it has a deep hole that can hold liquid is an added bonus. Therefore the belly button is number 5 on the list of sexy places to be forced to eat your cum.

4. Out of a cup. This one especially has a Femdom feel to it. The idea being she is holding the cup at the end of your cock just waiting for you to cum. She is talking dirty telling you to fill up the cup because she wants nothing less than to force you to swallow your own load from the cup. Perhaps she has you on all fours and is milking you like an animal with the cup below. I picture my wife’s hand coming in from behind me stroking my cock with one hand while she puts a butt plug in my ass with the other.

3. From her breasts. As stated already it is a hot place to eat from. Breasts are awesome and second best only to seeing her beautiful pussy when her legs are spread wide.

2. From her pussy. Eating her creampie pussy after you have unloaded is a very exciting concept. It would be best if she has not yet cummed and while eating her out she orgasms while your cum is dripping from her pussy. The idea of this is such a great turn on for me. I love it.

1. While Kissing. Still the best and most intimate place to eat your cum is from your wife’s mouth and lips. Kissing is the simplest and most widely used form to express your love for someone. A deep tongue kiss is still the number 1 and always will be for me.

Here is your cum eating video of the day.


  1. Cumlover on June 9, 2012 at 8:13 am said:

    Firstly, let me say how much I love this site and the many videos and stories. There are so few places on the web that do the fetish of being a cum eating husband true justice. I agree with the final 3 rankings…tits, pussy and kiss. I usually engage in the tits with my wife as that is her fav…sometimes getting the creampie and very rarely the cum kiss (funny enough she isn’t crazy about the taste which is why she tells me to lick it up). Last night I was ready to unload on her tits as per usual and she stopped me asking for the load on her face instead. I dropped 2 or 3 large streams across her lips and her cheek before bending down and engaging in a large open mouth and probing tongue kiss. The cum was so creamy and tasty as I licked it up and we shared it back and forth. She pulled me away, laughed at the gobs of cum in my beard and said I was her “dirty little cumslut”. Loved it…and love the site…keep it up!

  2. Chris on May 25, 2012 at 2:47 am said:

    My favourite is #2 on this list but I’ve only done #1 once and haven’t tried the others, though I would love to try eating my cum from her belly button or breasts. My fiance of 2 years has never done this with me. I’ve brought it up a few times but she thinks the idea is gross. I’m going to try your steps to eating my creampie from her pussy, but I don’t like my chances of a cum kiss seeing as the whole time we’ve been together she has never leg me cum in her mouth or on her face. Only in her pussy and very occasionally her ass when we have anal. I think after working up to it for a few months I might try tying her up sometime and just going down on her cum filled pussy when she can’t say no.

    On another note, the video on this page is actually the one that got me into this fetish. I just randomly watched it one day without knowing what it was about and got so turned on I knew I needed to try it. I’m so excited you have it on her too because after watching it that first time I could never find it again despite my very best search efforts.

    Keep up the good work

  3. CreampieLover on November 23, 2011 at 2:57 am said:

    Well, for me #2 on the list is the one my wife and I practice regularly (and is also my favorite) #1 would be my second favorite and one I would honestly like to do more often that we do. #3 is one that we tried once and it was okay, but didn’t do as much for me.

    #4 we tried once and I loved it, I like bringing a little femdom into the bedroom occasionally, and loved being made to eat my cum, but that is one my wife indulges strictly for my benefit and to this day she still cannot believe I wanted to do that or that I want to do it again sometime.

    Again, very much enjoying the blog, can’t wait for more!

  4. I’m not much into the forcing concept I just like to do it on my own.
    I’d say personal preference would be to lick it off her face or off her tits.
    My fantasy would be to pull out and cum on my wife’s pussy and eat it off while going down on her but she is not shaved and kinda hairy so that is out.
    Maybe in another life,lol…

  5. tastingmyown on October 27, 2011 at 6:17 pm said:

    mmm love your blog man, great vids. Im working on swapping and eating with the wife. thanks for all your tips and help!

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