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Recently I have been failing to eat my cum when presented with the opportunity. It’s OK, I know I’m fully capable when I’m really horny.  I will continue to enjoy this fetish for much more time to come.  That is for sure.  Just tonight I asked my wife to watch me jerk off and make me eat my cum so I’ll have a unique and original story to tell here on Cum Eating Husband.

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Last night I was reminded of another fun way to enjoy this fetish without eating my cum.  I can lick and taste my own pre cum.

My wife was laying naked on the bed as I came out of the bathroom. I sat beside her and we began to talk.  As we spoke I began massaging her feet and legs.  She began to relax and enjoy my hands. Her legs were freshly oiled.  So soft to the touch.  When I reached her feet I could feel my cock begin to come alive.  I rubbed and squeezed her feet for several minutes and then began licking and sucking on her toes.  She began to moan ever so gently and my cock became rock hard.  Bringing her pleasure, even though not completely sexual pleasure was enough to arouse me to the point I felt a slight drip from the end of my cock.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was so aroused I had pre cum dripping just from massaging and licking her feet and I don’t have a foot fetish at all.  It was simply from pleasuring her.

Next she turned onto her stomach and I straddled her to squeeze her shoulders and neck.  Her back and neck is so incredibly sexy.  I love massaging and touching her all over.  My cock was at her ass crack.  I took breaks from the massage to kiss her neck and behind her ears.  She got shivers and goose bumps but moaned with pleasure each time.

Each time I reached down to kiss her neck I also dry humped her ass crack.  Only it wasn’t really a dry hump.  Her ass was ever so slightly wet, but highly lubricated with my precum.  It was getting me off just humping and I had to slow down to ensure I wouldn’t ejaculate.  If you can get enough pre cum out during arousal it really is just as good as lubricant.

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After a few more minutes of dry humping and kissing her ear lobs I decided to get down there and lick her ass.  I started by kissing her shoulders and I slowly moved down her back, squeezing and kissing at the same time.  When I reached her ass her skin was shiny and glowing.  It looked sexy like a woman’s wet soapy body in the shower.  I was incredibly horny and delighted in the idea of licking and tasting my pre cum.

Which is exactly what I did.  I licked up and down her ass, tasting my pre cum over and over.  I recognized the taste right away from previous history.  A sticky, but lubricated  texture much different from other liquids and of course a very unique taste all my own, shall we say. The best part about tasting your pre cum is you are still so incredibly aroused while doing it you end up much more aroused as a result.  It is a much different sensation than eating your ejaculate because after you have jizzed you have zero sex drive.

I must say you have to try it.  It is simply amazing.  Have you tried it before? Please comment and let me know what you think.. Don’t forget to take advantage of the lubricant deal I provided.

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