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I Licked My Cum Off Her Hot Sweaty Thigh

Sorry I haven’t posted.  Last week I was working on a post providing you with a list of movies that got me interested in this fetish.  It took longer than expected and got busy and moved on to other things. I will be providing that in the future. I do have a short true story for you though.

I finally found a new spot to eat my cum and it was exciting.  It was a Friday morning almost lunch time.  Like usual in these stories, we hadn’t messed around in a few days.  I was extremely horny.  It all started when my wife got out of bed that morning.  I always take a peak at her as she gets out of bed.  She was wearing a white, old, and thin tank top.  She was cold and her tiny nipples were popping right out.  I love it when I can see them unhidden under a thin white shirt.  Her tits look just like Jenna Haze.  Her ass also very similar.  My wife weighs 115 pounds at about 5 foot 4. Yes, a fucking smoking body.  So I love seeing her ass hidden under her tiny sexy underwear, with the cheeks hanging out just so perfectly.  I don’t think she understands the visual power her hot body holds over me.

Around 11:00 am she went for a run on the treadmill.  When finished she came back upstairs, hot, red in the face incredibly sweaty and wearing incredibly short shorts. I immediately began getting a boner and I couldn’t help myself, I just had to tell her.  You look so hot standing there, so fucking sweaty in your work out clothes.  I can’t stand it I need you to help me release.  She said well, let me just get in the shower and when I”m done you’ll be ready to cum.

No, No, I said, I love the fact you are so sweaty.  I want to smell you. kiss you and taste you before your shower.  The thought makes me so hot, I promise I’ll cum in like two minutes.  Fine she said, lets do it first if you are ready.

We went upstairs and she took her shorts off and sat on the edge of the bed.  I undressed and started stroking my cock.  I leaned in and kissed her hard.  I couldn’t believe how sweaty she tasted.  Her lips tasted so salty and I loved it and told her.

Next I leaned over and licked her wet thigh.  She was so incredibly sweaty and the taste was so new and it felt incredibly naughty, I just wanted to cum so bad in seconds.  I then told her I wanted to cum on her thigh and lick my cum off her sweaty thigh.  I reminded her I had never done it before and she said, I want to see you do it.  Do it now.

That look on her face sent me over the edge and I started cumming.  The release was amazing because of the excitement.  I knew when I was done, this was an interesting story and one I wanted to write about on the blog.  Therefore I knew I had to taste it.  I bent down on my knee and leaned in and licked and sucked the cum off her thigh.  I licked her clean, taking my time and then I swallowed it and kissed her.  What a delightful experience I hope to experience it again soon.

Here is your cum eating video of the day.