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I was horny, it was late.  I was craving a release and I wanted it to be special and exciting.  I wanted my wife.  I wanted to look into her eyes so she could see my passion, my arousal.  She was on the couch, watching TV.  She had on flannel pajama pants with a thin white pajama top with no bra.  She didn’t feel sexy, she wasn’t trying to be sexy but she was.  She was incredibly sexy.  With her black hair just so, her big brown eyes, her raised cheek bones, button nose and those luscious lips.  I couldn’t stop looking at her.  Her nipples were ever so passively present, pushing up against her shirt, popping through every now and again.

I could no longer stop myself.  I wanted her and I wanted her now.  While sitting on the couch, I unzipped my pants and started to pull down my pants.

“What are you doing”, she exclaimed?

“I’m horny because you are so sexy there in your pajamas.  I need to do something about it”.

She asked, “How long is this going to take?”

“Look at my cock, Not Long”

“Ohh, wow honey you are ready I see” she expressed with excitement.

She laid down on the couch and pulled up her shirt for me to see her magnificent belly.  So sexy a belly it was.  I stood over her stroking my cock.  I was hard and my pre cum was already lubing up my cock.  I’m getting close, where do you want me to drop my load?

On my tits, jerk it onto my tits and then I’ll feed it to you.

When she said that I was euphoric, I had hit the point of no return and was ready to explode.  I dropped a huge load all over her left breast and nipple.  She was surprised at how much I had cum.

“Now get down here and have a taste of your seed”, she demanded.

I bent down on one knee and prepared to lick her jizz covered breast.  My drive was gone and I was hesitating a little.  She could see me delaying.

“You better taste it after being so horny and ejaculating so fast”.

She reached down and scooped up a big blob of jizz on her finger.

“Look at my finger, she said, it’s covered in your cum.

Now Lick It Off!!

She placed her finger in my mouth and I licked it clean.  She then scooped up another big glob and put it in my mouth and I sucked it clean.  My fear was gone.  I bent down and licked and sucked her breast clean. I swallowed every drop.  Thanks to my wife I was able to do, to eat my cum.  She helped me get over the edge.  I thanked her for helping me out.

“No problem any time”.  When covered in your cum, I’m finger licking good.

Here is your Cum Eating Video of the Day  (Watch for the finger licking)