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She Caught Me and Forced Me Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of the story, you can reread it here

Part 2 of “She Caught Me And Forced Me And She Loved it”

It had been three weeks since the last time we had sex.  It was a lackluster affair that lasted no longer than 10 minutes.  She did not even orgasm.  It was a shame and I felt hurt but what could I do.  It had only been three days since I last jerked off to internet porn and since my wife was at work I was geared up and ready for some jacking to my favorite fetish.  Luckily my wife had gotten called into work at the last minute or I might have had to wait several more days.  I turned on the PC browsed to google and started typing and all of a sudden my greatest fear had arrived.  I typed “Cum Eating H.. “  and the rest of the website had auto completed for me.  Google knew what I wanted to see.  Had I forgot to clear my web history?  I hope I hadn’t, I couldn’t bear the thought of my wife knowing what my fetish was.  Oh god what would she think of me.  Surely she would think I was a freak or worse.

After a moment or two of shear panic I began to relax.  I went to my website and started becoming aroused at the stories and videos.  I forgot about the history and was enjoying a good jack off.  There was something about the stories I found so enjoyable.  Always the husband and wife were completely open and honest about their sex life.  They both enjoyed the fetish very much.  The role playing and control was exciting.  The finale was the best.  Her forcing him to do something so terrible, but exactly the thing he needed to do to bring her to the most amazing orgasm she had ever had.  By now my dick was stiff as a rod.  I was just about to cum.  I was in our bedroom on our bed, lying down with the laptop beside me.  I also did not have any tissue with me.  I probably would not “need” it anyway. The video was coming to the money shot and I grunted as my balls spasmed and I began to ejaculate.  But the ejaculation was heightened by the element of surprise.

My wife had burst open the closet door and said AAHHH HAAAA, I caught you, you fucking little dirty cock jerking slut.  Is this why you don’t want to fuck me anymore???  That’s it, now there is going to be trouble!!!

End of Part 2.

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She Caught Me And Forced Me And She Loved it

This is cumeatinghusband.com’s first fantasy story.  It is not real in any way but a fantasy of mine that I would one day love to play out with my hot, sexy wife.

Part 1.

She seemed distant.  Her kisses were shorter, her hugs quicker and her smiles less and less.  The sex, well the sex was less than stellar. It certainly was less than before when she was hot for me.  I wondered what had happened.  Had I changed, or had she changed.  I thought perhaps she did not find me sexy anymore or perhaps another had sparked her interest.  One thing was for sure, she did not have the time for me anymore.

I found myself having to indulge in adult entertainment more often.  My advances were being shot down and always being the one to ask for it was making sex a tedious task.  I longed for the days when she wanted me and loved my touch.  I hated having to seek out internet porn instead of making love to my wife but I hoped it was just a phase she or we were in.

During my website porn search I found myself continually going back to a couple websites.  It was a very weird fetish that I enjoyed but I didn’t understand why.  I didn’t care but it excited me and I fantasized about doing it with my wife. Of course that would never happen.  Sex didn’t seem to interest her, plus weird fetishes were the furthest from anything we would do.  She practically preferred sex with the lights out.  I did not know very much about computers but I did know your web history was there and I knew I had to clean it.  After masturbating to my favorite sites I always made sure to delete my history except for that one time.

End of Part 1