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I had no idea I would be forced to eat own cum that night.  It was Christmas Eve, we had just laid out the gifts under the tree for the kids. We were very tired but both of us were very excited about the gift of giving the next morning.  The kids had been waiting for this for months.

I no longer received much for Christmas anymore.  I’m hard to buy for, I like technology gadgets but only buy the ones I’ve researched for days and would be disappointed with the wrong one.  I have a hard time hiding my feelings.  So I usually don’t get much and I’m fine with that. My wife had explained Christmas Eve that she bought me a clock radio and that was all I would be getting. We went upstairs to bed.

We got ready and she got into bed while was just about there.  I sat down and looked over at her.  She had a weird sneaky look on her face.  She said, “ahh sweetheart I got you a little something else for Christmas and I want you to have it now”.  She reached below the bed and pulled out a picture album.  She said “I made this for you, for your eyes only”.

I opened it and realized in an instant, I had just received the greatest gift I had ever received. 

A photo album of her wearing lingerie and posing like a model.  She looked amazing and so sexy.  I could not keep my eyes off the photos.  I slowly browsed the album savoring every photo.  Enjoying every different position, her eyes, her legs, her smile.  I was engrossed in the photos and found them very arousing.  I was so pleased and excited she had done this for me.  That she was willing to pose in these pictures with small bits of nudity in them and submitting them to a photography store to be developed.  She knew she would be seen but did it anyway.  I bet someone somewhere has kept those photos.  My wife is incredibly sexy so there is no doubt.  In these pictures she had great confidence in herself.  You can just tell in the pictures.  I could see she enjoyed taking them.  We kissed and hugged, it was a very intimate moment.

Of course after seeing those pictures I was very aroused, but it was late and we knew we would be up early.  We began kissing and she immediately reached down and grabbed my cock and started stroking it.  She said “Get on top I want you to cum on my belly. Your second present is Being Forced To Eat Own Cum For Christmas.  It didn’t take me long either.  I was on top of her jerking off.  We were gazing in each others eyes.  We took turns stroking.  When she started I would lean down and squeeze her tits and gently suck on them.  Then we would kiss.  Soon I was ready and she sat up to take the load.

I hit her square between the tits and most of it stuck but a lot rolled down into her belly button.  She looked a mess covered in cum.  I had lost my drive.  But she looked at me and tilted her head to the side and glared.  I knew what she wanted me to do.

I started at the top and sucked up all the big globs of cum, working my way down to her belly.  When I was done she looked so sexy because her skin was still wet and shiny. I went in for one more lick because I found a little glob on her neck. Then we kissed again.  The cum was all gone.  I swallowed it all down.  This time I loved what I got for Christmas.  A photo album of her and forced to eat own cum for Christmas.

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Forced To Eat Own Cum

Forced To Eat Own Cum .











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Here is your Cum Swapping Video of the Day

This video is hot however the website that hosts it forces the video to start automatically without pressing play.  So I didn’t want to piss you off and start a video on your computer when clicking on my site.  I’m sure that would piss you off, it would piss me off.  So instead today I’m posting a link to another page on Cum Eating Husband with the video

Remember if your sound is on the audio will be begin right when you click the link.

Cum Eating Video


When I started watching porn back when I was 18, I soon got bored of watching vanilla sex. I found it fascinating to watch a guy licking a woman’s asshole. The anal sex wasn’t that big a deal to me. I found the licking to be much more exciting. That became the porn I enjoyed the most. Then one day I saw a movie where a woman actually licked a man’s asshole. I said What The Fuck, women will actually do that? There are women that actually want to do that, enjoy it and it turns them on? Well apparently yes they do, at least in porn, haha. That became my newest kink and what I most often found myself watching.

In searching for videos such as this I came across some female on male strap on videos. Often the woman would lick his ass using her spit as lube before jamming him with a strap on. At first I found it disgusting but as I came across these videos more often, I soon came to enjoy strap on videos and I liked the idea of changing the stereotypical power structure of “man controlling woman” to “woman controlling the man”. It is fun and exciting to change these roles in the bedroom while having sex. It adds a new dynamic. Part of this new dynamic is letting the woman dominate you. How else does she dominate you than by forcing you to do things that you would usually hate or find disgusting. Well the first item on the “Will not do list” for men is anything to his ass. Specifically doing anything anal on him. Of course that’s the first thing you see in these FemDom videos. So it then becomes very exciting to receive anal because you are saying to your woman, I love you so much and want to show you my love for you by allowing you to take my masculinity and fuck me in the ass with a strap on or butt plug. These videos became pleasurable for me and I slowly introduced the idea of having my wife play with my ass in the bedroom. We now have two butt plugs and we use them on occasion.

Now what else can a woman do to you to control you and demean you while having sex? Well those strap on video creators had already figured it out. Instead of letting the guy blow a load all over your face and/or swallow it all, how about you force him to be a Cum Swallowing Husband.

And so my Forced Cum Eating fetish was born.

Here is your Cum Eating Video of the Day.

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