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I had a horrible day but it ended with me being a Cum Licking Husband. Yesterday was one of the worse days I’ve had in a long time. I started the day getting up very early. I am not an early bird at all and the day started at 6:00 am. I went for a run and worked out lifting weights and I do it so early that I’ll be done before the kids wake up. That way my wife can stay in bed longer.


Then later, on my way to work I passed a cop. During our two seconds passing each other he was able to see my license plate, run it through his computer and find I had not renewed my license plate sticker. Since I had just gotten my summer car on the road I still didn’t have my insurance in my wallet. I guess he considered that two strikes and so he nicely let me off for not driving with an insurance slip (Although I was completely insured) but he did charge me for driving without renewing my sticker. It was a $110 charge. I was less than a month past the renewal date. Thanks a lot pal.

I got to work and found I would spend my entire shift swamped with work. At the end of my shift I was all ready to leave and could not find my keys. Where were they you ask? That’s right, they were still in the ignition of my car with the doors locked. So I had to call my wife and have her drive out to my work at 10:30 at night. On the way home we got stopped by a train. The train was not moving fast and actually ended up stopping and going backwards. Then it stopped again and didn’t move for several minutes. An hour late getting home and remembering I work the early shift the next morning I realized it was garbage day and I needed to take out all the garbage from the past week to the road.

But the great part about horrible days is that they end. This one ended well. Laying in bed that night I started rubbing my wife’s ass and gently tickling her upper legs. She turned around and gave me a sweet kiss. Next she reached down and started playing with my penis. Soon my penis turned into my cock. I got on top of her and she lifted her shirt to reveal her amazing nipples. I stroked my cock and asked her where she wanted my load of cum. She said plant it in my belly button. I said sure but can you tell me why? She said, so you can suck the cum out. I dropped my load right then and leaned down and sucked some into my mouth and swallowed it.

We then turned out the lights, watched a little TV and said bye bye to the horrible day. Today has been a much better day by the way.

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Why The Female To Male Cum Swap Is Hot

Have you ever done a Female to Male Cum Swap?  Most men find this topic pretty gross right?  It is really weird because I do not.  When masturbating I love the thought of having sex with my wife and blowing my load in her mouth and then she keeps the load in her mouth and kisses me, passing the sperm back to me.  It seems like a really hot thing to do.  What it comes down to is love.  Your wife sucks your cock for one reason.  To prove to you she loves you.  The women who really get off on it simply enjoy showing their partner how much they love and adore them by sucking their cock with great excitement. 

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Well what better way to show your wife that you too love her and appreciate that she sucked your cock then by kissing her after.  By saying you know what I love you so much I’ll even kiss you after you just swallowed my semen .  Oops, what’s that, you haven’t swallowed it yet and now we are kissing and it’s falling into my mouth.  Oh well, guess what I love you so much I don’t care and I’ll even swallow it.

There you go, that’s it.  That is why there is such a kink as the Female To Male Cum Swap.

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