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I think Femdom Cum Eating adds an exciting element to female to male cum swapping. For those of you who do not know what Femdom is, well it’s pretty self explanatory. It simply means Female Domination. It basically means during sex the woman is in control and not only that, she is also dominant and forceful. There are many different degrees of Femdom and people use in many different kinks. I really only wish to include light versions of it in our play. Just having my wife do or say the odd mean thing here or there during our love making session is all I desire.

You might say if I’m into Femdom I should really go seek help and see why I want a dominant female partner when usually the role of the dominant is the man. I think that is just ridicules. My wife and I have a very equal partnership kind of relationship and we both come to the same decisions on major topics in our life. But in the bedroom I wish to play many games and take on many different roles either as the dominant or the submissive. There is no role that I would prefer. I simply want KINK in the bedroom and some things my wife will agree to and others she will not. She prefers vanilla romance sex and that too makes up a large portion of our sex life and I love it too. Sometimes I just want to make love to my wife.

Anyway, I’m getting way off topic trying to explain to you all that I’m not a sissy freak. Since my wife is a little submissive at the core, she finds it difficult to play up the Femdom role. Last week though she finally pulled off a major Femdom sex act that was very hot and gets me hard now just thinking about it.

It was one of those nights when she really wasn’t in the mood for sex. It was late at night and she was a little tired. She was however, aware that we had not had sex in a couple days and that I would be feeling horny. She is an amazing wife in this way. Our sex drives don’t exactly meet as mine is very very high and hers is average. She is very willing to help me out in this regard because she loves me, wants to make me happy and still enjoys getting me off even though she may not be in the mood. I am very aware of her generosity and on nights like these I like to pretty much cum as quick as possible to not bore or annoy her too much. It’s a give and take and it works for us. In order to get off quickly I most often bring up the topic of eating my cum.

So it was 11:30, I had just worked out, running and lifting weights so I needed a shower. My wife was in bed reading. After my shower I brushed my teeth and before I came to the bed room I started stroking my cock. I got it really hard first so I was ready to go. I came out of the bathroom stroking my cock and asked my wife if she would enjoy watching my jerk off. She immediately closed her book and she said sure, come over here so you are close to me.

She laid down on her back and I straddled her on my knees while stroking. She lifted her shirt and I lowered her boy cut shorts she had on. Her nipples immediately got hard and I leaned down and gave her right one a gentle suck. She giggled and I started to rub her freshly shaved pubs.

I sat straight up and continued stroking. We gazed into each others’ eyes. Keeping in close eye contact with my wife while I stroke really helps to get me off. I asked her if she wanted me to come soon and she said yes.
Where do you want me to cum tonight?.

I want you to cum on my tits.

Ok, oh hun I forgot the tissue, I have nothing to clean it up with.

That’s ok, I want you to Eat Your Own Cum.

Oh fuck baby you are so dirty, how much do you want me to eat?

This time baby you are going to eat it all.

This conversation was all I needed and I was blowing my load five seconds later. Of course after dropping a huge load of cum all over my wife’s chest I really wasn’t in the mood anymore. That’s why Femdom Cum Eating adds more excitement. Often after sex I never get around to actually eating my cum because I’m no longer in the mood. Actually, it’s not that I’m not really in the mood it’s that I’m the absolute farthest away from being in the mood for about 1 minute after sex. About five minutes after that I’m mad at myself for not having the balls to eat my cum. I like to use these events with my wife as accurate true, mental masturbation fantasies for when I’m by myself and if I don’t eat it then the fantasy is not as good.

But this night was different. After cumming I gave my wife a kiss.and motioned to get off her. To my pleasant surprise she said, ”WHERE ARE YOU GOING, YOU STILL HAVE TO EAT YOUR OWN CUM!!! I actually got quite excited because she always lets me off and never plays this role. I figured I have to capitalize on this. So I went down and had a little lick of my cum. It wasn’t bad, anyways I had tasted it many times before. Again she surprised me by saying, That’s not all of the cum, eat all of it.

I started to gently lick a little more and she pushed my face right into her chest. My face was covered in my cum. It was all over my lips, nose and cheek. I even had a little in my eye brow. I was actually already getting a little turned on and proceeded to lick what ever was left. I then tried to go in for a kiss but got denied. She said I can’t, it’s too gross, cum is all over your face.

So what right? Real life is not like the movies. She was grossed out and not really into it but she did it because she loves me. Anyway that can be a new step we take some time in the future.

It ended up being a great night and I jerked off to the fantasy since. I know now she will be able to help me out again in the future in the same way. My wife was doing FemDom Cum Eating and didn’t even know it.

Here is your Cum Eating Video of the Day. It’s another long one and quite nasty.

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