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I Am Proud We Are A Cum Swapping Couple

Step 5

Your final goal is to become a Cum Swapping Couple. Without hesitation I can gladly say my wife and I are a Cum Swapping Couple. Step 5 simply involves completing all the other steps over and over again until you are both aware of the fetish and that you practice it together on occasion. You would not want to do a Cum Swap With Wife all the time. If you do the fetish will no longer be exciting. Or a worse case scenario could occur. You could play out your fetish so much that you can no longer get off without it. That would not be fun for either of you.

So in step 5 you are simply going to keep completing Steps 1 through 4 whenever you deem necessary. To complete step 4 you wife will eventually be required to Cum Swap With Husband and she will finally do it if you continue with the first three steps. I know because I am a great example of this. My wife is very prudish. She doesn’t talk about sex at all, she never dirty talks. She literally never comes on to me. She always waits for me to make the first move. She still does not like the fetish at all really but she does it for me and on a consistant basis. Just last night I came on her chest and she tried her damnest to make me eat it by pulling my head down into it. She did this only because she knows I love it. Now if my wife of all people can do this for me, your wife can for you.

Here is Your Cum Swapping Video of The Day. It’s kind of long and I do not like his pretend aggressive nature but the ending is awesome.


You love this cum eating fetish. Let’s face it though, it is a very strange fetish. I mean even beyond the immediate fears she will think you are gay, the actual act of eating your own is, shall we say unusual? And so as a result you have most likely kept this fetish a secret from your significant other. I can understand why but if you don’t let her know you will live with this secret forever. It’s really terrible to think you can never enjoy the pleasures of your fantasy with your partner.


Therefore I think you should tell her. I certainly don’t want you to just come out and blab it to her. There is a nuance and subtle way to introduce this act into your love making. But first I must warn you. Your relationship must be strong before you start this. You must both be on the same page in life and love. If your marriage is rocky to start with I would tread lightly with my instructions. They may not work. I only have experience with introducing this to my wife while being in a strong loving relationship so please keep that in mind. My next several blog posts will reveal my steps to revealing your cum swapping fantasy to your wife or girlfriend and you will soon be on the road to being a Cum Swapping Couple.

Here is your Cum Swapping Video of the Day. This one is short but real hot.