I Am Proud We Are A Cum Swapping Couple

Step 5

Your final goal is to become a Cum Swapping Couple. Without hesitation I can gladly say my wife and I are a Cum Swapping Couple. Step 5 simply involves completing all the other steps over and over again until you are both aware of the fetish and that you practice it together on occasion. You would not want to do a Cum Swap With Wife all the time. If you do the fetish will no longer be exciting. Or a worse case scenario could occur. You could play out your fetish so much that you can no longer get off without it. That would not be fun for either of you.

So in step 5 you are simply going to keep completing Steps 1 through 4 whenever you deem necessary. To complete step 4 you wife will eventually be required to Cum Swap With Husband and she will finally do it if you continue with the first three steps. I know because I am a great example of this. My wife is very prudish. She doesn’t talk about sex at all, she never dirty talks. She literally never comes on to me. She always waits for me to make the first move. She still does not like the fetish at all really but she does it for me and on a consistant basis. Just last night I came on her chest and she tried her damnest to make me eat it by pulling my head down into it. She did this only because she knows I love it. Now if my wife of all people can do this for me, your wife can for you.

Here is Your Cum Swapping Video of The Day. It’s kind of long and I do not like his pretend aggressive nature but the ending is awesome.


If you have come to this website and read a full post, watched a video and found yourself turned on, you most likely like the idea of eating your cum. Or at least being forced to eat your cum. Or maybe you like the idea of a Cum Swap With Husband. If you are a woman and this blog turns you on please comment and tell us so. I like to know the demographic of people reading my blog. Maybe in the future we’ll have a female guest post from one of our readers.

So you love the idea of swapping cum. It excites you to no end right? Especially the idea of being forced to do it. The dirty talk before hand gets you all juiced up and ready to explode a load and you are fired up to Cum And Kiss?

Then it happens. Your heart is pounding. You are french kissing your wife and then you blow a load in her mouth and all of a sudden you absolutely hate the idea of eating your cum. You see it dripping out of your wife’s mouth and it no longer looks sexy but instead very gross. All you want to do it go away and hide. You think back to all the dirty talk you just said and wonder what you were thinking. You think, god my wife must think I’m crazy for wanting something so freaky. Maybe she thinks I’m gay, oh no she must believe the truth though, that I’m straight. You never end up tasting your own cum because you just cannot do it. Unbeknownst to you, your wife actually likes the fetish too. She likes turning you fully on and since this fetish works she has kind of gotten into it. Now she really wants you to do it too but you are disappointing her. The next session she hears you go through all the moves and dirty talk but she knows you will fail again. She wonders what is the point of it all.

Well I have been into this fetish now for probably three or four years. I have had all those thoughts. I know what it’s like. I still often pass on eating it when I just don’t feel like it. But I know anytime I really want to I can eat it all. It happens most often when I have encouragement from my wife. A few weeks ago I went down on her belly for a little lick and she pushed my face right into all the cum. She had never taken a Femdom step like that before and I enjoyed it. But the easiest and simplest way to overcome this is to simply JUST DO IT. Suck it up, no pun intended and then suck it up. The first time you do it you will be horny again about five minutes later and you will want to do it all over again. Practice, practice practice is all you need. Make a deal with yourself way before hand. Remind yourself you won’t be in the mood but that you will like the thought of it after the fact. Give yourself a reward like deciding if I do this I’m allowed to masturbate tomorrow while I think about it.

There are several things you do in life that you don’t want to do but you are glad you did after. Like painting that wall or washing your car. This is the same and once you have done it several times you will have no problem.

My wife and I haven’t had sex in a few days. I’m pretty sure tonight we will make love or she will give me a blow job or hand job. If it’s the BJ or HJ I know there will be a Cum Swap With Husband tonight.

Thanks again for cumming to my site. Please feel free to drop a comment and let me know what you think. I would also like some constructive criticism. Let me know what I can do to improve CumEatingHusband.com

Here is your cum eating video of the day.

Sahara Knite – scene from Babe 2 brought to you by Tube8