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What is more exciting to you? I’d love to hear which. Feel free to comment. In my opinion the Cum Kisses are actually more kinky, sexy and all round more romantic. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of eating my wife’s cum filled pussy but it’s just not as sexy. Now I say I like the idea because I really feel I’ve never accomplished it in full. I think one day we will get there together and my wife will let me have at it in full but it just hasn’t happened yet. Everything needs to happen in baby steps.


My wife appears to agree with me on this since she is willing to swap cum with me but will not let me eat my creampie. It is not really something we discuss because she has no interest. If I bring the subject up she changes it. I often wonder if I’m a freak because I like this fetish. One of the reasons I started this blog was to get my message out there and see if there were other men and woman like me who have this fetish. This is where you help me out by commenting on my blog and telling me you love it too.

My wife has an amazing kiss. The very first time she kissed me in the halls of my high school I knew I wanted to keep this girl forever. Her lips were just so soft to the touch, my body instantly became tingly and warm. My cock got rock hard in two seconds. Yes simply from the kiss. My wife looks like this sweet little innocent girl and her personality is the same. So that first kiss in high school really was amazing. Maybe it was because she was so quick to put her tongue in my mouth. I realized this sweet innocent girl can be real sexually surprising in private and I loved that about her.

I don’t know what happens when my wife gives me head but she turns into the wettest sloppiest kisser ever. Every time she blows me the kisses are fantastic. I usually prefer her to just stroke my cock after a few minutes because I would rather kiss. I think that maybe what slowly led to snowballing. I’ll talk more later about my slow progression into this kink in a later post.

That is why I like snowballing cum instead but I think quite possibly the woman’s perspective may be different. I assume many women would be hugely turned on by the idea of her man cumming first and then going down on her to finish her off and lapping up his cum at the same time. I think if a man does that for you it shows the level of intimacy he is prepared to go to, to prove his love to you. No? What do you think?

Here is your cum eating video of the day. Which has both cum swapping and creampie eating. Make sure you watch for both

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