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I Love Female To Male Snowballing And You Do Too

I find Female To Male Snowballing to be a mad rush when leading up to the orgasm. Most times when my wife is blowing or jerking me off I start talking dirty. I usually say the same thing each time but I know what gets me off and more importantly, what excites me. I start off slow and make it kind of a game.

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Lets say my wife is sucking my cock and this time she is using my most favorite lube—spit. She’s sucking my cock, her mouth is all wet, my cock is covered in her spit. You can just smell the saliva in the air as she strokes and sucks. Then after a few minutes of this she stops sucking and leans in for a kiss. This is where the game begins.

First I motion my head away from her kiss and conduct body language that I’m not interested in kissing. Then I tell her hun, you just had your mouth on my cock, I can’t kiss you, that is gross.

This is where she needs to start playing it up for me. She forceful attempts to gain that kiss from me, while I lazily attempt to avoid it for a few seconds. She eventually gets her kiss but we keep it junior high school style. She goes back to sucking and stroking my cock and I keep talking and saying things like “I can’t believe you wanted a kiss after sucking my cock. That is so dirty and gross. What are you, some kind of pervert?” Usually at this point she’ll drop a big glob of spit on my cock and rub the spit on her lips. Then she stops sucking and comes in for another kiss. Again I make fake attempts to avoid her kiss and eventually accept it. Except this time I’m so fired up we have a full fledged French kiss exchanging lots of tongue and spit. In between the kisses I say “Fuck you taste like my cock and I then motion to her to have a kiss and we kiss again. Then I ask her if she loves sucking my cock. She provides the answer I want of course and continues to suck my cock.

At this point the idea of kissing and sucking kind of changes. As she’s sucking me off I’ll say,”You really tasted like my cock when we were kissing. But you know what, I liked it. Being kinky like this really turns me on baby.” She stops sucking and we have another spit filled tongue kiss. Then I ask her “ So when I cum are you going to eat my cum?”

She says, “ ahh no baby.”


“Because I want you to have it.”

“What, you want me to have it?”

“Yes baby I want you to have your cum in your mouth.

At this point my heart is just pounding and I can feel my cum starting to churn in my balls.

Then I say “would that turn you on” and she says “yes I want you to taste that load baby.”

Then I say “what am I supposed to do with it?”

My Wife says “I Want You to Swallow That Cum”.

I can’t hold back any longer and I blow a huge load in her mouth. She continues stroking me for several seconds to ensure she gets every drop and then she does it. She comes up and kisses me and passes my cum back to me and I swallow every drop. Then she asks, “Well, did you like that” and I kiss her and say Fuck Ya baby.

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