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Will Someone Explain The Difference Between a Cuckold, Hot Wife And Swingers

Have You heard The Phrase Cuckold or Hot Wife.  I know you have heard of Swingers.

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There seems to be a lot of confusion between all these phrases so today I’m going to help you out and explain what a Cuckold is and what a Hot Wife is and how they differ.

Before I begin I want you to understand I am not a fan of cuckolding or hot wife in anyway but as my fetish has lead me all over the internet I have cum across some crazy sex fetishes and terms and I have learned a lot.  If you are like me and enjoy cum eating or more specifically being forced to eat your own cum, then you have most likely viewed some Cuckold Videos and Hot Wife videos./

Cuckold Hot Wife

The Cuckold Hot Wife

Lets start out with THE HOT WIFE.  As I understand it to be a Hot Wife is a woman who goes out and fucks around on her man.  I guess for lack of a better word she cheats on her man, except it’s not cheating, he is well aware of it and enjoys it.  Now there are no specific rules but usually she goes out and does it alone and comes home and the couple fuck again as they discuss her affair.  Usually her mate is getting sloppy seconds of some kind.  It does often involve the man as well.  He may jerk off in the corner or hold the camera.  The most important point of this is she is fucking other men while he isn’t specifically fucking other woman.  They both enjoy the fact she does it and it is a fetish for them both. You can see this differs from Swingers in that swingers usually both fuck other people and they usually do it together at parties involving other couples.  Of course not always but you get the idea./

A Cuckold is much much different.  A Hot Wife and Cuckold are the same in that the woman is the one going out and fucking but that is it.  A Cuckold is the male submissive in the relationship.  Usually the woman fucks other guys right in front of him, they are often other black men and she usually belittles him and insults him during the whole sex act.  He is often made to sit in the corner and watch, not allowed to talk, he may have to wear demeaning or feminine clothing.  Often times at the end of the sex act he is told or forced to clean his woman or eat the cum of the other man (the bull) as they call it. This is usually a fetish for both the woman and the man.  The man gets off on being treated terribly.

That is the Difference between a Cuckold and a Hot Wife.

So what do you think of these Fetishes?  My fetish has lead me to see lots of videos and stories regarding Hot Wives and Cuckolds but I just don’t like it. I usually find myself fast forwarding to the Cum Eating at the end. It’s not me at all.  I don’t see why someone gets off on being belittled while your mate fucks someone else.  If the couple gets off on fucking other people, OK I understand that part.

Would You Want To Be a Cuckold or your wife be a Hot Wife?/

Please feel free to join the discussion,and if you enjoy these fetishes as well as Cum Eating Husband blog, tell us your cuckold and hot wife stories./

I’m a super jealous husband and I don’t think I could ever watch my wife in a sexual act with another person but if we were into that type of swinging I would want to be with her, fucking and licking her at the same time.  We would be sharing the experience together.  The other men or woman would be used as tools for her arousal. We would gaze into each others eyes often.  We would passionately kiss throughout.  But she would not be kissing the other man or woman and I wouldn’t be kissing the woman either.  That is why I could never take part in a Hot Wife or Cuckolding relationship. Our sex is always going to be loving and intimate and all about us being together.  Even if it’s super kinky involving cum swapping and such./

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