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Several months ago before a long vacation, I tucked away our sex toys so they were hidden from nosy house sitters.  They have been in that spot ever since.  We have not used any sex toys in months and just lately I’ve been thinking we should get them out again.

Best Prostate massageUnfortunately my wife is “Out Of Commission” for the next several days if you know what I mean.  Which basically means I usually get a couple hand jobs or blow jobs with nothing in return.  That kind of sucks for me because I love pleasing my wife so sometimes I like to spice it up a little bit.

Last night I had this great idea while she was relaxing on the couch.  I decided to go have a shower and clean myself really well and then stick the best prostate sex toy in the world up my ass.  Yes you heard me, I do like to put butt plugs up my ass from time to time.  I also kind of find it fun to shock my wife with it up my ass at strange times. That is just what I did.

I found the toy tucked away in our hiding spot.  Then I lubed up my ass, lubed up my toy and jammed it ever so delicately up my ass.  It’s an interesting sensation to say the least.  It’s an amazing sensation when your dick is hard and a beautiful woman is stroking your cock.

Here is the best prostate sex toy in the world and at a great price of $12.95.

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best prostate sex toy

When I push the prostate massage sex toy up my ass I point the tip towards the front, towards my cock. This ensures when it’s fully inserted that it will touch your prostate while your wife or girlfriend sucks your cock.

Once it was inserted I put on my comfy clothes and went downstairs and sat on the couch beside my wife.  I immediately became horny because she was wearing short shorts and a thin white tank top with no bra. Her nipples were popping right through and she looked sexy as hell.  As I sat down I squirmed a bit and I continued to squirm as I could feel the prostate sex toy gently hitting my prostate.

She said what’s wrong with you, do you have ants in your pants? I laughed and explained I was incredibly horny.  She said you don’t look too horny I see no bulge in your pants. I figured this was my chance so I exclaimed “OH YA”.

Prostate Sex ToyI quickly stood up in front of her and pulled down my pants.  My half hard cock was in her face. She looked up and smiled at me and stuck out her tongue and touched the tip of my cock.  She moved it around every so slowly. Then she placed the head of my cock in her mouth and gently grabbed the base of my cock and started to stroke it.  She had no idea the prostate sex toy was in my ass. She continued stroking and sucking.  Then she stopped and I leaned in for a kiss.  She tasted like cock and I get so horny when I can taste it.  I told her she tastes like cock and I love it.  Then she proceeded to push her tongue further in my mouth.

As we were kissing I told her to squeeze the base of my balls and tickle.  I wanted her to feel the tips of the best prostate sex toy protruding from my ass.

It worked, “ooo”, she said, “what do we have here? You have gotten your toys out again. You love having a butt plug up your ass don’t you?”

Yes, I exclaimed, I was now harder than ever and I could feel pre cum dripping from my cock.  She looked down and noticed the goo.  She squeezed some out onto the tip of her finger and then fed it to me.  I tasted my pre cum and it tasted sweet. Then she kissed me again.

Stroke Cock While Massaging ProstateNow she knew the prostate sex toy was up my ass she pushed it up and in while jacking me off.  This caused it to push and hit my prostate just right.  I again felt a small gush of pre cum ooze from my cock.  This time she licked it up as she sucked away. The sensation was amazing.  It’s hard to explain but it’s like a gentle very pleasurable tickle inside you and feeling that pleasure at the same time your cock is being sucked is an out of this world feeling.

I began to moan real loud and I even started to grunt a little as an immense feelings of pleasure went through my body.  The peak of orgasm goes higher as you reach the climax.  I was there enjoying every second.

Then it happened, I unloaded a huge load of cum in my wife’s mouth.  It was one of the best orgasms I had felt in a while and I stayed in a daze for several seconds. But I was clear headed enough to know what was coming next.  My wife stood up, we were face to face, she said “open up sweet heart, I have something for you”. Then she kissed me and I found my mouth full of cum.  We stopped kissing, she could tell I had not yet swallowed.

“Hey swallow that load!”, she yelled, and I did just that.  We kissed again and she said, “Oh you naughty naughty boy.  Is that the best prostate sex toy in the world because you just ate the biggest load of cum ever.”