She seemed distant.  Her kisses were shorter, her hugs quicker and her smiles less and less.  The sex, well the sex was less than stellar. It certainly was less than before when she was hot for me.  I wondered what had happened.  Had I changed, or had she changed.  I thought perhaps she did not find me sexy anymore or perhaps another had sparked her interest.  One thing was for sure, she did not have the time for me anymore.

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I found myself having to indulge in adult entertainment more often.  My advances were being shot down and always being the one to ask for it was making sex a tedious task.  I longed for the days when she wanted me and loved my touch.  I hated having to seek out internet porn instead of making love to my wife but I hoped it was just a phase she or we were in.

During my website porn search I found myself continually going back to a couple websites.  It was a very weird fetish that I enjoyed but I didn’t understand why.  I didn’t care but it excited me and I fantasized about doing it with my wife. Of course that would never happen.  Sex didn’t seem to interest her, plus weird fetishes were the furthest from anything we would do.  She practically preferred sex with the lights out.  I did not know very much about computers but I did know your web history was there and I knew I had to clean it.  After masturbating to my favorite sites I always made sure to delete my history except for that one time.

It had been three weeks since the last time we had sex.  It was a lackluster affair that lasted no longer than 10 minutes.  She did not even orgasm.  It was a shame and I felt hurt but what could I do.  It had only been three days since I last jerked off to internet porn and since my wife was at work I was geared up and ready for some jacking to my favorite fetish.  Luckily my wife had gotten called into work at the last minute or I might have had to wait several more days.  I turned on the PC browsed to google and started typing and all of a sudden my greatest fear had arrived.  I typed “Cum Eating H.. “  and the rest of the website had auto completed for me.  Google knew what I wanted to see.  Had I forgot to clear my web history?  I hope I hadn’t, I couldn’t bear the thought of my wife knowing what my fetish was.  Oh god what would she think of me.  Surely she would think I was a freak or worse.

After a moment or two of shear panic I began to relax.  I went to my website and started becoming aroused at the stories and videos.  I forgot about the history and was enjoying a good jack off.  There was something about the stories I found so enjoyable.  Always the husband and wife were completely open and honest about their sex life.  They both enjoyed the fetish very much.  The role playing and control was exciting.  The finale was the best.  Her forcing him to do something so terrible, but exactly the thing he needed to do to bring her to the most amazing orgasm she had ever had.  By now my dick was stiff as a rod.  I was just about to cum.  I was in our bedroom on our bed, lying down with the laptop beside me.  I also did not have any tissue with me.  I probably would not “need” it anyway. The video was coming to the money shot and I grunted as my balls spasmed and I began to ejaculate.  But the ejaculation was heightened by the element of surprise.

My wife had burst open the closet door and said AAHHH HAAAA, I caught you, you fucking little dirty cock jerking slut.  Is this why you don’t want to fuck me anymore???  That’s it, now there is going to be trouble!!!

She burst out of the closest and caught me.  I was so surprised I nearly popped the top off my dick as I jerked during the surprise.  Interestingly she was dressed a little strange.  She had on a sexy police outfit and it was short and very revealing.  The top was very low, revealing her sexy chest.  It also showed her mid rift.  And what a belly she had.  It was flat and sexy as hell.  I loved licking her belly button. The bottoms were so short too.  They were so short her ass cheeks actually showed at the bottom. It had dawned on me she didn’t go to work.  She had set me up to catch me in the act.  But she was dressed to impress.  I was very confused.

So this is it.  This is why you don’t fuck me, she said.

No, no, not at all I responded, I want to fuck you so bad, I love fucking you, I would do anything to know what turned you on my love, anything.

You would do anything?


I don’t believe you.  I think you like porn and your computer more than me.

No, that so not true.  I do this because you seem so distant now.  What’s wrong with us?  I want us back.

If you want us back you are going to have to prove it to me.

Ok, ok, I’ll prove it, I’ll do anything.

Anything? She said.


She leaned over towards me and said, fuck honey, that is a lot of cum on your belly.

Yes, I have kind of had a bit of a build up.

She said, ok, this is what is going to happen.  In order for you to prove your love for me, I’m going to lick all that cum off your belly but I’m not going to swallow it.  I’m going to kiss you and pass all the cum to you and you will swallow it. Agreed?

Oh yes whatever you want my princess.

She bend down and began to lick the cum.  It was sliding all around so she began to suck it into her mouth.  She did exactly what she said she would do.  She got it all.

She moved up to my face.  We were face to face.  Her lips were glistening, covered in my cum.  It was on her chin and a bit on her nose.  She looked at me with those big brown eyes.  The biggest eyes I had ever seen.  She winked and then opened her mouth and kissed me.  I felt the flow of cum in my mouth.  There was a lot and I struggled to swallow it all.  We stopped kissing and she asked.   Did you swallow it all?  Yes, I said,  every drop.  We began to kiss some more.  It was the most passionate kiss we had had in years.  I felt alive again for the first time in forever.  We stopped kissing again and gently rubbed our noses together like we used to, then kissed some more.

Alright, she said, Now I Believe You!!

We looked at each other with deep and passionate love in our eyes.  I said the first thing that popped into my mind.

“Well, That Was An Adventure”

Yes it was she said.  But don’t think you are getting off that easy mister.  You have a lot of explaining to do.

She demanded I tell her about this porn I was looking at.  I tried to close the laptop but she clearly could see the title of the website.

Cum Eating

So this is what you like huh. You like to eat your own cum?  Do you eat you cum all the time now or what?

No, no, not really.  I have tried it a couple times but really it’s just the idea of it.

What do you mean the idea?

Well you know the idea of being forced to eat it.  Like the idea that it was something that turned you on so much that I had to eat my cum in order for you to orgasm. That it is your idea and I do it only to please you.  That is my feitsh, that is what turns me on about it.  Once I cum I don’t really want to eat it anymore because I lose interest you know.

You are such a freak Mr.  When did you start liking this?

I cannot remember, a few years ago I fell upon, it, I don’t know how.  I have this weird feeling like I came to it by accident.

My mind raced back a few years to that first time.  She had given me a blow job one night and I came in her mouth.  Next she kissed me and the cum was still in her mouth.  Oh my fucking God, it was her.  She had turned me to this in the first place.  I remember it.  I was disgusted at what she had done.  I stormed out of the room and we did not talk about it again.  But I do remember the next day. The next day I couldn’t get it out of my mind so I searched and come to think of it there was a history of the site when I began to type.  She had already been there, she had led me to, it was her all along.

You did, it. You turned me on to this.  I explained to her my memory of the past, of that night, of the computer and the history.

Yes it’s true she said, it’s my fetish too.  I’ve loved it for years and longed for us to do it.  But after that night I couldn’t try anymore.  I’m so sorry, I lost interest.  So many times after you have cummed I wanted you to eat it, to eat me.  To Eat Me To An Orgasm With Your Cum Inside Me.  I wanted to ask but was so afraid.  Then a few days ago I noticed you had been to the site.  I lost interest in sex lately and knew I had not visited that site.  But it was in the history so I knew you had.  I was elated, so tremendously excited you wouldn’t believe it.  Still I wasn’t sure if you liked it or just fell upon the site so I figured I needed to catch you.  I already assumed you were jerking to porn when I was at work.  We rarely have sex and I know what your sex drive is like.  I had to set you up to catch you.  I kept a close eye on you these last couple days.  I stayed up late with you, got up with you in the morning.  I made sure you couldn’t jerk off just so the day I leave you would for sure do it.  So I pretended to get called into work.  I went out the front door and went in the back to our room while you were still down stairs.  I got dresses in this sexy Halloween costume so you would know I was interested when I caught you.  Lucky for me you decided to jerk off right in our bedroom.

Wow, why didn’t you tell me what you like?  Even if I didn’t like it I would have tried it.  There is nothing I wanted more than to please you.  After you snowballed me that time years ago it was all I thought about.  I loved it, and wanted to do it again.

Well honey, I’m horny, what can we do now?  You know I really need your cock right now, my pussy is soaking wet for you.

I had her lie down, we kissed and I gently played with her pussy lips.  I tickled all around her thighs and asshole.  She stroked my cock ever so gently.  I was hard still from when I had cum two minutes before.  I never went soft.  I slowly went down and began kissing around her nipples.  Her moans let me know I was touching her just right.  I continued my way down to her throbbing wet pussy.  My tongue just touched her clit and she grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face as hard as she could into her pussy.  I licked all over so slowly, licking her clit, her lips, her pussy hole and my favorite, her asshole.  She moaned as my tongue lashed her asshole.  I pushed it in gently and she was almost about to cum.  I stopped immediately and moved back up for a kiss.

Fuck me now I need you to cum in me now.  I don’t want to cum yet.

Why, why don’t you want to cum honey?

Because, I want you to blow your hot load in me.  Then I want you to go down on me and eat the creampie.  Then I will come.

I got on top and slipped my rock hard cock in her.  It slid in no problem because she was so wet.

Of fuck me fast, fuck me fuck me.

I pumped my cock about 5 times.  That is all I could handle.  I could feel the tension, my balls were ready to explode.

I had a massive orgasm and came inside her.

Get down there big boy, she said.  I need you to eat me.

There was no delay.  I was excited and got right down there.  I passed the clit and went right for her hole.  I dove in with my tongue as far as I could.  I tasted my cum right away.  I sucked it up and lapped it up with my tongue.  I stopped for a minute and looked down.  I could see a line of cum dripping to her asshole.  I went down and licked her asshole clean and tongue fucked her ass.  At the same time she starting finger blasting her clit.

Then it happened.  She had an amazing orgasm.  Her body shuttered and flexed and bounced around almost like she was in pain.  She couldn’t control the sound coming from her mouth.  The moans were so load.  She was having a convulsion that lasted for ever.  Finally it ended and she let out a long deep breath.  She then had another mini spasm.

Oh my, she exclaimed!!!  That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had, ever!!!

I leaned up to her and we shared a deep meaningful kiss.  Both our faces were covered in our juices and we loved every minute of it.

Well, she said, I really enjoyed that.  You know we will be exploring this fetish in much more detail in the days to come.

Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  This is the first day of a new beginning.

The End

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