I’m going to continue writing stories like my first one titled She Caught Me And Forced Me And She Loved it.  Below you will find the link to all my stories I write.  Please enjoy and continue to write comments and provide feedback.

1. She Caught Me And Forced Me And She Loved it.


  1. the reason why he does not have a lot of C. U .M is cause he jacks off a whole lot so tell him to stop for 2 weeks and don’t give him any for a week so that it can build up and then after that give him some and watch him bust open like a fire hose right in your face.

  2. This site is awesome – only now I can’t help but try to picture your hot wife! I definately think you should post ads just so we can see her! I think it’s great to finally read about eating your own cum instead of the whole cuckold thing – that’s cool in it’s own fantasy kind of way, but this is hot in the “I’m gonna’ talk my wife into it” kind of way…

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