She Caught Me And Forced Me And She Loved it

This is’s first fantasy story.  It is not real in any way but a fantasy of mine that I would one day love to play out with my hot, sexy wife.

Part 1.

She seemed distant.  Her kisses were shorter, her hugs quicker and her smiles less and less.  The sex, well the sex was less than stellar. It certainly was less than before when she was hot for me.  I wondered what had happened.  Had I changed, or had she changed.  I thought perhaps she did not find me sexy anymore or perhaps another had sparked her interest.  One thing was for sure, she did not have the time for me anymore.

I found myself having to indulge in adult entertainment more often.  My advances were being shot down and always being the one to ask for it was making sex a tedious task.  I longed for the days when she wanted me and loved my touch.  I hated having to seek out internet porn instead of making love to my wife but I hoped it was just a phase she or we were in.

During my website porn search I found myself continually going back to a couple websites.  It was a very weird fetish that I enjoyed but I didn’t understand why.  I didn’t care but it excited me and I fantasized about doing it with my wife. Of course that would never happen.  Sex didn’t seem to interest her, plus weird fetishes were the furthest from anything we would do.  She practically preferred sex with the lights out.  I did not know very much about computers but I did know your web history was there and I knew I had to clean it.  After masturbating to my favorite sites I always made sure to delete my history except for that one time.

End of Part 1

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She Caught Me and Forced ...


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