Deva Jones With Another Cock Stroking Story Where Her Husband Licks Every Drop Of Cum

Every Drop Of CumThis story illustrates something that I didn’t anticipate in more ways than one.  It’s kind of bitter sweet I guess you could say (at least for me).  Honestly I started to edit this heavily but I made a promise to myself when I started writing that I would be honest and take the good with the bad and not sugar coat anything.  I think if people take time out of their day to read this at least I could be truthful. 


Hope I don’t bum anybody out (it’s not that bad), but here we go! So far our sexual experimentation journey had been going pretty good, or so I thought.  One day I had been pretty aroused most of the day.  All the thoughts of my husband, things we’ve done, and things we’ve yet to do had me pretty worked up. 

I texted him letting him know I was hot for him, and that I really wanted him to take my ass for the 1st time.  After that it seemed like it was taking a lifetime for him to get off work.  When finally walked through the door I greeted him over enthusiastically.  He was quiet (as he is normally), however his vibe didn’t seem normal.  Not anything alarming, just different. 

Cum EatingI had this eerie feeling we were on the opposite ends of the sexual spectrum.  Earlier he had responded ‘Ok’ to my suggestive text, but no action up to that point.  He doesn’t always have to initiate (especially when I’m the one who is ready to blow a gasket) so I decided to kiss him.  He kissed me back but didn’t go any further (caressing me, pulling me closer, etc). 

I didn’t sense resistance nor compliance.  I went a little farther telling him how sexy I find him, and how much he turns me on, making me crave his cock up my ass.  “Let me go shower,” he said somberly walking away. 

My ego was a little bruised but trooper that I am I decided to plow ahead.  Once he returned from his shower, he found me lying on the bed naked except for my fuck me heels.  I noticed he had on a substantial amount of clothes (more than he usually has on when he anticipates any action) as he slid into bed next to me. 

every-drop-of-cum2I snuggled up next to him hoping to inspire him, no luck he rolled away from me and soon fell asleep.  Disappointed, I got out of bed a little while later dressed, and went about taking care of a few things that I needed to do that day.  We didn’t talk much for the rest of the day. 

 I wasn’t really mad at him, just a little confused, & doubting myself I guess.  Wondering if I’m pushing him to far too fast, or if my sex drive is too high.  I mean I don’t have to have sex every 5 mins but is 2-5+ times a week to much to ask?  Then the ‘Maybe he isn’t attracted to me anymore’ demons show up (I know he is, the woman in me tends to over think things).  So long story short the rest of the day was pretty shitty. 

every-drop-of-cum3Enough of the estrogen fueled melodramatics!!! After I showered that night and got in bed he apologized for our failed love making attempt.  He admitted he should have handled it better & it wasn’t anything to do with me.  ‘Ok, so fuck me now!’ ran through my thoughts but not out of my mouth, I just accepted his apology and tried to get some sleep.

The next morning I woke up to my man lying on top of me between my legs alternately sucking my nipples.  I kind of rolled my eyes wishing I slept a little less deeply thinking, ‘Oh now you want me…’  “Good morning,” he mumbled with my nipple between his lips glancing up at me when I touched his shoulder. 

“That it is…”  I replied, might as well go along with this, better late than never.  I started to wiggle beneath him trying to rub my aching clit against him.  The thought of finally getting some release after being highly aroused for the better part of the previous day was sending me quickly over the edge. 


every-drop-of-cum4Knowing me as well as he does he placed his thick cock between my wet pussy lips, then began to stroke the ridge on the underside of his cock slowly from my clit to my dripping canal.  As he continued to torture my engorged nipples I could feel his cock start to get really slippery as he continued to stroke between my labia.  My legs were wrapped around him squeezing him like a python, I wanted him inside me more than anything.I did not have to wait long, he changed his angle slightly and delved deeply into my drenched cunt in one long slow pass.  I noticed he was being deliberately loving.  Taking his time using long slow sensual strokes all the while kissing me so passionately anywhere his lips could reach.

I still felt a little bummed from yesterday (yea I should have been over it by now but I’m a sulker…I’m working on it), but he was slowly pumping the sadness right out of me.  After we were both sweaty and breathless he shot his cum from my right nipple down to my pubic bone.  I figured he’d just get a towel and wipe it up, so I just laid there for a few seconds waiting.  He was still on his knees staring down at me when he said,

Every Drop“I want to prove how much I love you, and how much I know I messed up.  Do you want me to prove it?” I saw his eyes trail down my body, specifically where he’d just deposited his load.  I knew right then what he had in mind.

The vision of him slurping his cum off me flashed in my mind.  I have no idea why but all of a sudden I was really nervous.  “No.” popped out of my mouth, anxiously I shook my head.  ‘WTF!’ I thought, this was my idea after all.  I wondered if he was only doing it because he knows I’d want him to not because he truly wanted it as well. 

every-drop-of-cum6“Why? Are you sure? Come on let me…” he pleaded.  I mean actually sounded a little hurt I said no.  Squeezing my eyes closed I whispered, “Ok.”  He started with the small puddle closest to my pubic bone.  I could hear him, feel his lips and tongue, I grabbed a pillow and covered my head. 

‘OMG! He is NOT doing this’ I kept screaming in my head.  It was so erotic, too erotic almost.  I just couldn’t believe it, all the while he was working his way up my stomach collecting every drop.  He wasn’t rushing trying to get it over with me was taking his time, slowly melting my inhibitions. 

I had to see it to believe it, I ripped the pillow away and watched him as he finished working his way up.  His eyes locked on mine, I couldn’t look away.  He licked the very last drop off my breast, then kissed me so lovingly and passionately, the intimacy of the moment was so intense. He had licked every drop of cum.

every-drop-of-cum7For the rest of the day, that whole weekend, even up until I’m writing this I haven’t stopped thinking about it.  The sight of him eating his cum directly off me (not from me to him this time I guess was the difference, those times were good but this was over the top) is burned into my brain. 

Thinking about it for too long makes me want to snuggle up with him, ask him what he wants, then deliver no matter what it is.  I have no idea why but I feel closer to him than ever.



Deva Jones Strikes Again!

So on the my first post here I mentioned my hubby and I had 2 days off, that story was day one.  This is what happened on day 2, when I ended the day kissing my husband’s cum filled mouth!

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Cum Filled MouthI woke up to my husband massaging my back.  I didn’t even notice that I had moaned until I heard,  “I see you finally woke up.  Feel good?”

“Um hmm,” was all I could manage to reply.  He knows how much I love having my back rubbed, I wondered what I did to deserve such great treatment.

Husbands Cum Filled mouth

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Then visions of the previous night flashed through my mind, “Is this repayment for last night?” I murmured.

“Well you were so selfless I figured I could do a little something for you…so just relax ok?” he said his hands moving to my ass.

cum-filled-mouth3“Ok” I agreed, then I felt him removing the t-shirt that I’d slept in leaving me in just my panties.  I rolled over onto my back knowing how much he loves the sight of my bare breast (he’s such a breast man, I have a suspicion when I do have kids he’ll breast feed more than them.

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In seconds my breast had his undivided attention.  He caressed them gently molding them to his palms.  I closed my eyes focusing only on him and whatever he chose to do to me.

cum-filled-mouth5His weight shifted on the bed, then his lips wrap around one of my nipples, and his fingertips pinching the other.  Leaning over me partially he began sucking the other nipple, it felt so good I began to stroke the side of his face.

cum-filled-mouth6Running my fingers through his hair to the nape of his neck I held him to my breast.  His free hand found its way into my panties, he stroked my clit with his thumb then slipped 2 of this fingers into my wet cunt.

He paused on sucking my nipple and began to stimulate my g-spot then asked, “Every time you get the opportunity are you going to kiss me with my cum in your mouth?”  As soon as I opened my mouth to answer he resumed sucking my other nipple (knowingly sending me to nirvana).

Cum Filled MouthInstead of an answering I moaned in pleasure and stared at his cheeks hollowing with every pull on my nipple.  I was absolutely astonished and surprised by his bold question.

“Should I take the sounds your making as a ‘yes’?” he said with a devilish smile creeping across his face.  “You…know I can’t…concentrate…while you’re doing that.”

cum-filled-mouth10I stuttered while motioning towards his hand that was still finger fucking me senseless.  His hand stilled immediately, I whined in protest, “I was so close to cumming…”

Shaking his head slowly he simply says, “You don’t answer, you don’t cum.” I felt frustration welling up inside me as I realized his tactic, “Okay! Maybe not every time but yea, sometimes.”

I squeezed my eyes shut waiting for his response.  Without delay he tore my panties off (I happened to have liked that pair, oh well sometimes I have to sacrifice to get what I want) and plunged his extremely hard cock into me so forcefully that I slid up the bed about a foot.

cum-filled-mouth11Completely caught off guard my eyes shot open locking with his.  “Don’t look at me like that.” He teasingly said to me seeing what I’m sure what a surprised shitless look on my face, with my eyes bugging out of my head like in the cartoons.

He began to purposefully pound into me vigorously for a while (I was definitely loving how he was beating my cunt into submission at the moment).  In the mist of enjoying every jarring thrust I heard,


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“Open your mouth wide.”  I did, then he quickly pulled out of me, straddled my torso, while fisting his cock inches from my mouth.

“You better catch every bit of this, don’t swallow one drop, and don’t spill any either.” He ordered, I nodded with my mouth still agape.

With seemingly laser point accuracy he shot his entire load into my mouth.  Interesting I thought because normally he shoots a little (not very far though), and the rest runs down his hand.

Not this time though, all of it spurted in thick streams right into my mouth (his cum only flies when he is extremely aroused).  After damn near filling my open mouth with his seed he fused his open mouth to mine, rolled over pulling me on top of him.

All of his cum poured from my mouth to his.  I put my tongue deep in his cum filled mouth (wanting some of it for myself, yes I’m greedy) then felt and heard him swallow, then sucked my tongue clean.

I felt myself get wetter, after all he had just done one of the most erotic things ever.  What I didn’t expect was to feel him get hard again beneath me. He got hard from having a CUM FILLED MOUTH

I rode him hard and recklessly until we were both satiated.  Then we fell back to sleep in each others’ arms.

Ok everybody stay tuned for more updates soon, any questions you might want to ask don’t be shy I’ll answer (unless it’s something I don’t want you to know, in that case I’ll tell you that, but pretty much I’m an open book).

Deva Jones- The Ass Eating Wife


Ass Eating WifeDEVA JONES — In the comments of a previous post I was asked if I could provide more info on me eating my husband’s ass.  So here is how I became the Ass Eating Wife!

One lazy afternoon I asked my husband what he thought about ass play.  “What’s your definition of ass play?” was his response.

“Well, I guess that would entail me maybe eating your ass, putting a finger or small toy inside you.  Pretty much the same things you do to me.” I explained simply.


“Well I’ll try anything once, if I like it then we can continue, or go further.” He said. But then I’ll have an Ass Eating Wife.  Every time we tongue kiss I will remember that.

Later on that week he came home from work looking dog tired.  I gave him the dinner I cooked, then started a hot shower for him.

Wife Eats AssLeading him to the bathroom I said,“Come let me help you wash away your long tiring day, spoil and pamper you.  Do whatever you need or want me to do, so you can feel like the great husband you are.”

We got in the shower together, I cleaned him from top to bottom (concentrating more on his bottom, yea I’m sneaky and usually have an agenda), dried him off, then lead him to the bedroom.

“Massage?” I asked.

“Sure, sounds good.” He murmured.

Finger his assHe laid across the bed while I grabbed some massage oil and began rubbing him down.  I started at his shoulders working my way down to his back, butt, legs, feet, then back up his legs to his butt (what can I say I’m an ass girl).

I trailed my index finger down the crack of his ass grazing over his asshole, then asked him to flip over onto his back.

Fuck his assHe complied, then I continued to massage him down his chest, stomach, thighs, then back up to his semi-erect penis.  I began to massage his cock and balls with both hands until it was rock hard.

Then I spread his legs slightly so I could lay between them comfortably.  Once I was positioned I started giving him head, then I moved down sucking and licking his balls while stroking his slippery cock with my hand.


Feed him cumHe pulled his knees up spreading his legs farther, giving me access to his perineum and ass.  “If I do something you don’t like, or something you do like just let me know.

Guide me a little, I just want to make you feel good ok?” that was the only fore warning he got.

His response was simply, “Ok.”  I slowly began to kiss his perineum, then lick it, at that point I was more than turned on.  I took one hand and began rubbing my aching clit, and gently rubbing his asshole with the thumb of my other hand.

Cum Swapping CoupleI noticed his he opened his legs further, then grunted, “Don’t stop.”  I began to alternate between licking/sucking his cock, balls, and perineum.

It wasn’t long before he was slick with my saliva from his cock down to his ass.  I went back to concentrating on his perineum with my wet tongue, while stroking his cock with my free hand, then I slid my tongue across his asshole, then back to his perineum.

When he didn’t protest I moved back down to his asshole and stayed there.  I paused for a minute to tell him, “Stroke your cock…slowly.”

He did so while I continued to lick his ass tenderly.  I watched his hand pumping up and down his spit shined dick, while I feasted on his ass, the view was spectacular.  I was squeezing my nipple with one hand, playing with my dripping cunt with the other hand, and eating his tasty ass with my greedy mouth. The Ass Eating Wife I became.

I couldn’t help but ask, “You think you can cum while I do this to you?” “Hell, yea” he moaned breathlessly.  I could tell he was totally relaxed because the tip of my tongue slipped inside his asshole.

His sounds of appreciation increased at the same rate his hand fisting his cock did.  “Keep doing that.” He instructed, and I moaned in agreement.

I eagerly continued to tongue fuck my husband as he offered me his ass throwing his legs farther back.  “Oh yea baby, eat that ass, you’re making me cum.”

My eyes were glued to him jerking his engorged cock, my tongue pumping in and out of his ass at the same pace.  I started to feel contractions around my tongue, and see them at the base of his cock.

Cum started to ooze down his cock, over his hand, down to his balls, getting closer and closer to my lips.  The sight of how copiously he came sent me over the edge, I was getting off right with him.

Me being the woman that I am I never want a fresh load of his cum to go to waste.  So I cleaned up his balls, hand, and cock swallowing every drop.

The only revisions for next time is I’ll be a little more inventive with what I do with his cum.

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