Deva Jones- The Ass Eating Wife


Ass Eating WifeDEVA JONES — In the comments of a previous post I was asked if I could provide more info on me eating my husband’s ass.  So here is how I became the Ass Eating Wife!

One lazy afternoon I asked my husband what he thought about ass play.  “What’s your definition of ass play?” was his response.

“Well, I guess that would entail me maybe eating your ass, putting a finger or small toy inside you.  Pretty much the same things you do to me.” I explained simply.


“Well I’ll try anything once, if I like it then we can continue, or go further.” He said. But then I’ll have an Ass Eating Wife.  Every time we tongue kiss I will remember that.

Later on that week he came home from work looking dog tired.  I gave him the dinner I cooked, then started a hot shower for him.

Wife Eats AssLeading him to the bathroom I said,“Come let me help you wash away your long tiring day, spoil and pamper you.  Do whatever you need or want me to do, so you can feel like the great husband you are.”

We got in the shower together, I cleaned him from top to bottom (concentrating more on his bottom, yea I’m sneaky and usually have an agenda), dried him off, then lead him to the bedroom.

“Massage?” I asked.

“Sure, sounds good.” He murmured.

Finger his assHe laid across the bed while I grabbed some massage oil and began rubbing him down.  I started at his shoulders working my way down to his back, butt, legs, feet, then back up his legs to his butt (what can I say I’m an ass girl).

I trailed my index finger down the crack of his ass grazing over his asshole, then asked him to flip over onto his back.

Fuck his assHe complied, then I continued to massage him down his chest, stomach, thighs, then back up to his semi-erect penis.  I began to massage his cock and balls with both hands until it was rock hard.

Then I spread his legs slightly so I could lay between them comfortably.  Once I was positioned I started giving him head, then I moved down sucking and licking his balls while stroking his slippery cock with my hand.


Feed him cumHe pulled his knees up spreading his legs farther, giving me access to his perineum and ass.  “If I do something you don’t like, or something you do like just let me know.

Guide me a little, I just want to make you feel good ok?” that was the only fore warning he got.

His response was simply, “Ok.”  I slowly began to kiss his perineum, then lick it, at that point I was more than turned on.  I took one hand and began rubbing my aching clit, and gently rubbing his asshole with the thumb of my other hand.

Cum Swapping CoupleI noticed his he opened his legs further, then grunted, “Don’t stop.”  I began to alternate between licking/sucking his cock, balls, and perineum.

It wasn’t long before he was slick with my saliva from his cock down to his ass.  I went back to concentrating on his perineum with my wet tongue, while stroking his cock with my free hand, then I slid my tongue across his asshole, then back to his perineum.

When he didn’t protest I moved back down to his asshole and stayed there.  I paused for a minute to tell him, “Stroke your cock…slowly.”

He did so while I continued to lick his ass tenderly.  I watched his hand pumping up and down his spit shined dick, while I feasted on his ass, the view was spectacular.  I was squeezing my nipple with one hand, playing with my dripping cunt with the other hand, and eating his tasty ass with my greedy mouth. The Ass Eating Wife I became.

I couldn’t help but ask, “You think you can cum while I do this to you?” “Hell, yea” he moaned breathlessly.  I could tell he was totally relaxed because the tip of my tongue slipped inside his asshole.

His sounds of appreciation increased at the same rate his hand fisting his cock did.  “Keep doing that.” He instructed, and I moaned in agreement.

I eagerly continued to tongue fuck my husband as he offered me his ass throwing his legs farther back.  “Oh yea baby, eat that ass, you’re making me cum.”

My eyes were glued to him jerking his engorged cock, my tongue pumping in and out of his ass at the same pace.  I started to feel contractions around my tongue, and see them at the base of his cock.

Cum started to ooze down his cock, over his hand, down to his balls, getting closer and closer to my lips.  The sight of how copiously he came sent me over the edge, I was getting off right with him.

Me being the woman that I am I never want a fresh load of his cum to go to waste.  So I cleaned up his balls, hand, and cock swallowing every drop.

The only revisions for next time is I’ll be a little more inventive with what I do with his cum.

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Viewers of, it is your lucky day.  Deva_Jones is incredibly excited to provide us with her creampie eating journey.  She has provided me with her first real story.  I enjoyed and I’m sure you will too.

Snowball Your HusbandWell I guess I’ll start at the beginning.  My husband was working graveyard and I couldn’t sleep, so I figured I’d hop on the internet and goof off until I got sleepy.  I thought to myself, ‘What am I going to do on the computer…I’m kind of horny, porn it is.’  So I went to a website with just about any kind of porn you want to see, then thought, ‘What would I like to see?’

Now let me preface this by saying that my sex life with my husband changed somewhat over the last 3-4 months.

It went from being pretty much vanilla (which encompassed going down on each other, kissing especially after oral, or better yet after 69.

snowball-kissWe do just about every position that won’t send either one of us to the hospital.  I love deep throating him, swallowing his cum, sucking/licking his balls, eating his ass, pretty much anything that makes him feel great and puts him to sleep.  We also do more kinky and naughty things.

We’ve talked about incorporating some new things that we wanted to try.  He wanted anal sex from me and I haven’t given that to him yet.

snowball-kiss4I’m not opposed, I’m actually interested in that as well.  The truth is he doesn’t have the smallest cock in the world so let’s just say I’m working my way up to taking him.

I wanted to experiment with butt plugs on him, be spanked until my ass is pink/red, maybe even flogged (not too hard though).

I like the idea of being tied up, nipple clamps, oh and I’d like it if he would eat me after cumming inside me. I said the last one as nonchalantly as I could, but that was the one I was most excited about.

snowball-kiss1He looked at me like I had grown 3 more eyes when I quickly rattled off that list.  Then he asked, “You’ve been thinking quite a bit about this haven’t you?

I mean I only have one thing I wanted to try…”  The devilish smile I gave him let him know that I had indeed been fantasizing about a few things in my spare time.

I was happy when he let me know the things on my list didn’t repulse him and he was willing to try.  He did throw in that in order for him to try the last one on the list he would have to be extremely horny.  Well at least it wasn’t a flat out NO.

Since then we have incorporated just about everything on that list, so I’m sure you can guess what I wanted to see that night.  So I promptly typed ‘cream pie eating’ into the search bar.

I watched a few videos, some were ok and some that didn’t do it for me, then I came up on this married couple’s video that I really liked.

The guy started by eating her pussy really sweetly and tenderly.  It was like you could tell he loved her and equally loved eating her pussy.  Yes he said some corny stuff…but what can you do?

Then he started fucking her, then a while later he came in her.  I could tell by the looks of it he shot a pretty big load. It was dripping down his cock as he continued to slowly stroke in and out of her.

I could feel myself getting wet, and my nipples were hard.  Then he pulled out and you could see some of his cum starting to drip from her pussy. He got right down there and began to lick it right up.

I don’t mean like on some of these videos where the guy is playing around just licking her clit and completely avoiding his contribution to the creamy decadence (I HATE THAT, eat all or nothing!

Don’t be a pussy (no pun intended) about the situation, ok enough ranting.  He slurped it all up, then asked her if she had anymore for him.

When he is finished she thanked him for cleaning up and his response was “My pleasure”.  By that point I’m praying that’s not their only video.  I watched a few more of their videos, then did a search on the internet to see if I could find websites that talk about cum eating.

Not just porn but constructive conversation, that’s how I ended up here at  I read every single post and comment that night before I finally crawled into bed.  I still wasn’t sleepy though, I too busy thinking of how I was going to make my fantasy come true.

A few days later my husband had a couple off days from work, and I was going to be off as well.  I was going insane thinking of scenarios that might, or might not happen.

snowball-kiss2I told him about this website, and how I was amazed at how many guys enjoy eating cum, and how much I’d really enjoy it if we slowly integrated this into our sex.

Of course he had the litany of questions.  Why?  What is it about this that turns you on?  Are you sure?  I did let him know however that I’d never force him to do something that he found absolutely repulsive because I wouldn’t want him to do that to me.

Then he looked at me and said something I didn’t expect.  “It’s going to happen.  I don’t know when or where but it will.

You’re telling me how much this turns you on, but then you say you won’t force me, it’s like your challenging me.  You know how  I feel about challenges.”

I felt elated and I don’t even remember how my lips ended up being wrapped around his cock but they were.  I was squeezing his balls and swallowing his cock trying to give him the best blow job ever.

Judging from the sounds he was making I think I was doing a pretty good job.  The more I squeezed his balls the more precum I was rewarded with, and the more I wanted.

I slid off the bed getting on my knees with my back against one of our bedroom walls, then beckoned him to me.  He got up off the bed and stood right in front of me staring down at me with his cock an inch away from my lips.

He knew I wanted a deep mouth fucking.  He knows that I like being at his mercy sometimes.  With the wall behind me I can’t run from his powerful thrusts.  Not that I’d want to, I guess it’s just getting in the right mindset.

I also don’t have much of a choice but to deep throat him as well.  Which is one of my favorites, guess I like a challenge too.  He guides his cock into my mouth and begins to stroke in and out of my mouth.

I begin to meet his quickening thrusts stroke for stroke.  In no time I feel the head of his cock sliding down my throat, I can tell he is working towards his orgasm, pumping my mouth with ferocity.

My thoughts are racing, as his balls are pounding into my chin, and my lips are kissing the skin at the base of his cock.  I’m thinking by this point what am I going to do with his cum?

I can’t just swallow it like I usually do, I am after all working towards a mission here.  At that moment I feel his cock swell in my mouth, and begin taste his cum on my tongue.

snowball-kiss3I swallow about half of it and leave the other half in my mouth making sure to clean every drop off his cock with my wet cum soaked tongue.

I stood up and immediately kissed him with his warm tasty cum in my mouth.  After kissing until all his cum was gone he says to me,

“So that’s what I taste like…not bad.”  My only response was, “I told you so.”

It may not have been the cream pie action I’ve dreamed of, but I’ll take snowballing over nothing at all.  I think I can honestly say my journey is well under way.  I’ll keep you guys updated.


The Pictures From This Story Were Provided By Devil Films.

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Female Comment On

I’ve received another great comment to and it’s from a woman.  Comments from woman are few and far between so when I receive one, I like to place it right in the spot light for you all to see.

Cum Eating Husband

First please enjoy this short video.  The full scene has what I love, lots of sucking and kissing.  Please, I have one request.  If you gain an erection simply by watching the video, please click through and join the site for lots of similar videos from a porn site that updates often.


I love this particular scene more than any other on the site, excluding the beginning few minutes which is stupid. This woman reminds me so much of my wife.


My wife has the same smoking body and the big eyes and button nose that makes you melt. The husband even licks her ass while she is getting fucked and again, lots of kissing.  Of course the ending does not disappoint, I think you know what that means. Here is a little trailer of the scene.

Here is the comment from a female who simply had to subscribe and leave a comment.

Wow, I actually registered just so I could leave a comment,  usually that’s not me at all, laugh out loud.  I love the blog, I’ve read every post and every comment, I absolutely loved all of it.

I’m a married woman that is very much into this type of stuff. We’ve never snowballed, nor has he eaten my creampie (although i would love to do both),

I’ve swallowed his cum and loved it.  Funny timing because I just told my husband about a month ago that I’d like for him eat me after he’s dumped his load inside me.  He’s not totally opposed to it, but he isn’t jumping for joy either.

I’ve read so many comments where the guys are like where are the women who are into this? I feel like, how can women not find this extremely sexy?

Just thinking about my husband and reading all this stuff has me hot and wet.  Snowball, if you happen to read this I admire your views on everything you’ve posted.  I feel the same way about the cuckholding vids, lots of times I was so turned off by the humiliating part.  When they start in on that, lots of times I don’t even make it to the creampie eating.

I think you and your wife have a great relationship, it sounds kind of like my relationship with my husband (very loving) except I’m the super freak of the two of us ;) .

I’m curious as to if anybody out there who is into this, or women who had hesitant men but they later came around, what did you do or say? I know he’ll do pretty much anything to please me, but I’d really like it if he actually enjoyed it…

Once again great site keep up the great work! Cant wait for a new update.

To the author of this comment, thank you for your support and I’m very happy you enjoy my site. If you would like me to make a sub blog of your journey on, please send a comment again letting me know.

I also have a question, is your email in the comment authentic?  If not please send your email in a comment if you would like to contribute to the site.

I know I have a few others that come and comment on a regular basis and I appreciate your comments just as much.  It’s just that comments from woman are extra special.

Everyone knows us men are perverts but when a woman takes time out of her day to comment on my website, that is extra special.

I just can’t wait to show my wife this comment.  I know she won’t especially be excited about it but she’ll find it interesting, never the less.

Thanks again to everyone for comments, I love comments, please comment as much as possible.

Also I’ve changed it so that in order to comment you need to be registered and logged in.  I do this to combat the spam.  It’s often difficult to find one real human comment among the hundreds of spammy ones.