Step 3

By now you are getting very close to having a true MF Cum Swap.  Let the games begin.  In step 3 you are going to turn sex into a game of power struggles.  Explain to your wife that you fantasize about controlling her and making her do things sexually she might not usually do without a little push.  Suggest that you play a game where each of you take the role of the dominant one and you get to force each other to do something.  Explain you want to keep it light and fun, nothing too crazy and inappropriate.  At this point you say you love the thought of controlling her but the thought of her forcing you to do something you would not usually want excites you even more.  Let her feel it out, maybe tonight will not be the night but you can do it at a later time.  When that time comes and you are the one in control you will continue with more of step 2 but with dirty talk and cock sucking.

At this point she has agreed to play a power game and even let you be in control first.  Like in Step 2 you will go down on her and get her juices flowing.  Then you are going to fuck her a bit.  When you stop you go down on her once.  While eating her you talk dirty. Tell her she’s so wet from being fucked.  Let her know her juices taste great.  (Here is a big one)  Tell her you can taste your cock in her pussy.  Then stop and give her a really sexy kiss and ask her if she can taste herself on your lips.

Next you want to fuck her some more but when you stop you put your dick in her mouth.  As she is blowing you ask her if she likes the taste of your cock and can she taste her juices on it.  Then kiss her again for a minute or so and then tell her you can taste your combined juices on her lips.  By now she should be pretty hot and bothered so go back to fucking for a bit.  Make sure to kiss her lots during the fucking.  Fuck slowly and romantic.  Then when you are ready to blow your load pull out, put it in her mouth and shoot your load of cum.  Now you complete step 1 all over again.  Remember step 1.  Kiss after a blowjob.  If she swallows first then kiss after with lots of tongue and talk dirty and say oh god you kiss so well but you have cum eating breath.  Make sure to lock tongues right after.  If she wants to spit it out make sure to kiss her first.  Let her decide if it’s open mouth or not.  If she doesn’t let you, kiss her after and do the same dirty talk I just stated.  But if she opens her mouth, congratulations you just had your first MF Cum Swap.   If you do get to this point no more dirty talk is required.  But she may question what just went on and ask you if you realize what you have just done.  If this is the case then go ahead and open up to her right there.  Tell her you liked the MF Cum Swap.  It was exciting and you would like to try it again because it made for a kinky night. 

If you aren’t so lucky to have a MF Cum Swap that’s ok too.  It’s her turn to be in control next and after you made her taste herself after fucking she may want to reciprocate.  I call that a win win.


  1. bonemaster on June 5, 2012 at 5:48 pm said:

    Holy crap I love this blog. My wife & I just started swapping, she just also started letting me cum in her mouth, so that made it much easier to get her to swap. I absolutely love the taste of my cum (I shoot it into my mouth whenever possible, and she facilitates it as well). It is such an erotic experience! Our next venture is to let me lick her after I cum inside her, she’s been hesitant but is opening up to it, I think mostly because when I cum she hasn’t and having my tounge flick her clit after I cum is a cumming factor!!!
    We’ve also talked about sucking a cock together and having us share the cum, I’d love to hear from couples that have experienced that as well….

  2. I so dig this site and the topic. This is so taboo in our culture. I love it. My wife actually is the one that started it with us. What a surprise to me with a mouth full of cum and a long french kiss after a JB. I don’t even know if she knew how if effected me. After the initial yuk factor, I’m thinking how fucking cool!! So here we go, I’m setting the stage for a repeat.

  3. Unknown on April 26, 2012 at 2:30 pm said:

    I finally ate my first cream pie…. My wife loved it, after fucking her missionary style and cuming while telling her I was going to eat her pussy she pushed my head down and forced me to eat and lick her wet creamy pussy… half way through she pulled me up grabbed the cum off of my dick and wiped it all over her pussy and told me to eat it… As I did she came harder than she has in months

    It was great for us.. Thanks to this site we did it and have done it again

    Keep up the good stories

  4. love the site. i love the idea of male female cum swapping/eating. i have already given my girlfriend a small peck while she had my cum on her mouth. she actually asked me to come kiss her !!!! tonight im going to try your advice and see if i can get a real good sloppy french kiss with her!! wish me luck and ill let you know how it goes. now i just have to stop jacking off soi have plenty of cum for us.

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