Go Ahead And Lick Cum Off Fingers

It’s quite simple to lick cum off fingers especially when you are forced to do it but have you ever licked them off your own fingers. Well yes of course I have, quite frankly I do it all the time. I usually don’t taste very much of it, I just lick the small amount that falls on my thumb as I masturbate alone at home.

I enjoy when my wife makes me lick come off fingers but they are always her fingers as expected. I realized the other night that I had kept it somewhat private from her that while at home alone I do sometimes eat my own. I think she assumes it is something I only want to do with her around. And to be honest I really do but once at home alone and horny sometimes my perversions get the better of me and I eat my cum. I even lick come off fingers.

So to add a new and exciting way to eat my cum with my wife I decided during a hand job to tell her that I secretly love to eat my cum alone at home as well as with her. The shocking nature of my confession brought on an extreme excitement that I so enjoyed and it brought me to the edge orgasm very quickly. It doesn’t seem like much but to make this confession at the time seemed a very big deal.

Lick Cum Off FingersWhen she heard my confession she was not very shocked nor was she amused but she did decide to punish me. That night she forced me to jerk myself off onto my belly and then scoop the cum up and lick cum off fingers. When she told me her master plan I was already on the verge of orgasm and it sent me right over the edge. When I was done there was no hesitation whatsoever, I dipped all my fingers in the cum, scooped up as much as I could and licked cum off my fingers. She laughed and said you sir are pretty fucked up.

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  1. I love to lick my cum off my fingers and desk where ever it may be … taste great .. A friends wife found out about this and let me lick her hubbies cum out of her after he left for work one morning … yummy

  2. I also love to lick my own cum off of my fingers when I masturbate. I wish my wife would make me lick it off of her fingers after she gives me a hand job.

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