You Lick Cum Off My Belly and Kiss or I Lick Your Asshole — DEAL

She was ragging it again. She worked nights for a few days and we were itching to mess around.  We were on the couch like usual and I started playing with myself.  I asked my wife if she was interested in watching me stroke my cock.

She didn’t want to just watch.  She wanted to participate.  She wanted COCK IN HAND and I wasn’t going to stop her.

We laid down in front of the fire.  I was naked and she was fully clothed.  It was a CFNM scenario which I enjoy from time to time (Clothed Female Nude Male).  Only because it reminds me of scenes where the woman is in control and the man is submitting to her naughty fetish wishes.

We took turns stroking my cock while we kissed.  She used her spit because we had no lube available.  I asked her if she was going to taste my cum today.  She said yes she would.  I told her I wanted her to follow through and not chicken out once I came.  I asked her if she was willing to

Lick My Cum Off My Belly And Swap it With Me.

She said oh yes, I will I promise.

Only I had heard that promise many times before only to see my cum spit in the toilet seconds after I cum.  I wanted a deal, I wanted a full agreement.  Hell I was willing to sign a contract but I assumed a verbal would be good.

I told her I would hold her to it.  If she didn’t lick the cum off my belly and feed it to me in a kiss then the next day I would be allowed to lick her asshole at free will.

She’s not much into getting rimmed but I’m a freak and of course I loving licking her asshole. So she eventually agreed to the deal.

She would lick the cum off my belly and then swap the cum with a kiss or I would be allowed to lick and tongue her asshole.

Of course this dirty conversation got me right on the edge and I came right after the deal was signed.  I hadn’t cum in several days so there were a lot of cum spots for her to choose from.

This time she followed through and we kissed, swapping the cum. I could tell she picked a nice big glob of cum to lick up too.  BECAUSE I HAD A LOT OF CUM TO SWALLOW.

Our sex act that night was very similar to the ending in our Cum Eating Video Of The Day.  There were no toys involved but the finale was strikingly similar.

The website that hosts the video forced the video to begin without clicking play.  I refuse to allow that on my site without telling you first.  Remember if your audio is on you will hear the video once you click the link.

Cum Eating Video of The Day


  1. Where have you gone? Why has over a month passed without any updates on the hottest site ever?!

  2. hot story, i tried to watch the movie, when i clicked the link it went to the site but no movie started?

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