Step 4
If your cum eating fantasy has not already come true then you are on the verge of realizing your goal of a FM CumSwap. Lets recap the steps you have already completed. Again please remember these steps will require a lot of time to complete. It may be several months before you realize your goal. There are many factors including your intimacy level as a couple, frequency as well as quality of sex life. For example taking these steps usually requires a special night where you are very clean and have showered otherwise your wife may be less willing to, ah hmm “suck your cock”. So if you are used to dirty quickies before sleep then you need to begin taking your time, making the mood right and ensuring you are fresh and clean. Ask her to do the same maybe by asking her to join you in the shower. Explain you want to give her a long massage to relax her before sex.


Step 1 is “Kissing after a Blowjob”. Try to do it as soon after cumming as possible but not when she still has it in her mouth.

Step 2 is “Eating Her Pussy During and After Intercourse”. This helps her realize you are very kinky and will go to extremes to please her.

Step 3 is Use a power game to force her to taste her own juices. If you make her do nasty kinky things she may do the same to you.

Oh course you know with step 3 there is a gender bias. It is acceptable for a woman to taste her cum and not freak out much the same way she can dance with another woman with it being weird. Therefore step 3 should not be that drastic for her.

Step 4 involves more dirty talk. All you need to do is repeat a few key phrases and your fantasy will be realized. As she sucks you off kiss her often. Then tell her to spit on your dick lots. Tell her you like it when she has a mouthful of saliva. Continue kissing and right after she takes the dick out of her mouth to give you a kiss tell her you can taste your cock on her mouth. Then give her a wet kiss with lots of tongue Ask her if she likes the taste of your cock. Then ask her if she likes the taste of cum. Ask if she likes your cum. Then ask her if she wants to swallow it or spit. Then here it is simply say “Why don’t you get a mouthful of cum and tongue kiss me and we’ll swap it? Then you simply wait to see what happens next.

Here is your cum swapping video of the day.

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