Eating My Cum Off Her Feet – The Final Frontier

Finally I was eating my cum off her feet

I’ve pretty much eaten my cum off every part of my wife’s body. I’ve licked my cum off her belly, her chest, her neck, her ass cheeks, her asshole (one I really enjoyed), her pussy lips, her back, her lips, her face and her legs. The one place I still had not licked my cum from was her feet. It is kind of strange really that it’s been this long because I big part of our intimacy every week including me giving her a full body massage which includes her feet. During the massage I lick and suck all her toes as well. She squirms when I do it and she does enjoy it. So you would think cumming on her feet would have been an extension on that foreplay act. However it simply never has been…… Until Recently.

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I think another reason it has not happened is because the night when I give her full body massages and I suck her toes are night where her pleasure is foremost in our minds. I gain get pleasure from giving her pleasure. She enjoys loving, romantic slow and intimate sex. On these nights we don’t do cum swapping because that’s not what she enjoys.

I love the dirty, naughty, wet, sweaty, and raunchy love making so when we have a night about me we are usually cum swapping or I’m licking her clean in some way or another.

That is just what this night was about. The night before she had received her long body massage, I went down on her for about 20 minutes and she had a real outstanding orgasm. One that keeps her satisfied sexually for at least a few days. By the next day I was horny as hell again but her…. Not so much. We had just had showers before bed and as I came into the bedroom she was sitting on our bed in her house coat, with her feet dangling over the edge. I was completely naked and as I walked up to her we began to talk about our day. I moved right up to her feet and placed my cock on her feet and rubbed it on them as I began to stroke off.
We continued to talk for about a minute until I was hard and she asked, so what do you want to do tonight? I love when she asks open ended questions like this when I’m naked and stroking my cock.

So I said, “you know what, I’ve never actually cummed on your feet and toes and licked the cum off. Why don’t we do that tonight? First I’ll give you a little foot massage then you could touch me and stroke me and I’ll cum on your feet and lick it off”.

It will be the first time I’ve been eating my cum off her feet!!

How could she say no? With the offer of a foot massage first I knew she would be in for it. So I proceeded to do just that. I massaged her feet and licked and sucked her toes as well. I as I did I began talking dirty.

“You know soon I’ll be licking you toes but there will be cum all over them. Do you want me to lick up all the cum?


What am I going to do with the cum? Can I kiss you after?



Because first you are going to swallow all your cum, then you can kiss me…

That comment sent me over the edge and I blasted a huge load all over her toes. I wasted no time at all and I got down there and licked and sucked her feet clean just like I said I would. She was impressed with how much I licked up and she treated me with a wonderful open mouth kiss when I was done.

Of course all the cum was gone by the time we kissed.


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  1. I just discovered your site!! I still can’t quite go all the way eating my cum from my wifes body. On two occassions though my wife have brought her cum covered feet to my mouth. I lick at it but just can’t seem to devour them like I would like before I cum.

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