I’m here to tell you Cum Eating Husband Blog Is Real. Go ahead and read every post. I dare you. It is a true account of my sexual relationship with my beautiful wife. I know what you are thinking. “PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN” right?

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That’s right I’m a Cum Eating Husband and I’ve got the pictures to prove it. Now i know what you are thinking.  Anyone can just steal pictures off the internet and call them their own and most people won’t be the wiser right?  Well wrong.  I’m a viewer of a few sex forums and when people want to prove they are real, like a real woman for example, or that they have a hot body or a big penis or anything they take a picture of themselves with their username written in front of themselves to prove it’s really them.  So that is what we did here. Are we the Cum Eating Couple or what?

Cum Eating Husband

Cum Eating Husband

So is that proof enough that I am the real Cum Eating Husband and that I really do have a wife and I really do share these cum eating experiences with my lover.  What is that you want more???

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Here is another one with me jacking off.  I’m super hard and I’m gazing into my wife’s eyes.  Except she is holding the camera off to the side and she says “Of Fuck Ya baby, Jerk that cock.  Any time you are ready to cum I want a picture of the juices shooting out”

Cum Eating Off Her

Cum Eating Off Her Belly

Look at that beautiful belly. Of course she refused to go naked which I was disappointed about.  I really wanted you to see lower down her belly and of course a shot of her boobs but I can’t complain. Here is another where I’m right on the edge, just about to explode.

Stiff Cock

Stiff Cock

I realize now with all these shots you never get to see my cock fully exposed as my hand is in the way. When hard I’m about 6 inches but as you can see my cock bends up.  It’s pretty good for hitting the G spot when I’m fucking the shit out of her.  She claims she wouldn’t want any bigger because even I hurt her sometimes.  I think maybe she is just being nice.

Please comment and tell me what you think of my cock.

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I think I can see a little pre cum there.  So the next picture is really hot.  Unfortunately she got it just after exploding.  It’s hard to time that perfect, we need more practice.

I Explode Cum

I explode Cum

Awesome shot, a lot of that cum ended up pooling right in her belly button. See the cum on my finger.  Ya I totally licked that clean, I am a cum eating husband after all.  Here is another angle for your viewing pleasure.

Cum Eating off the finger

Cum Eating off the finger

 Ok, so I’m writing this post and adding these pictures and reliving the events of last night and I’m fucking hard.  I’ll be cum eating tonight too. Enjoy the next one this is where the truth is revealed.

Cum on My Tongue

Cum on my Tongue

A couple things with this picture.  My wife laughed and said look how big your nose looks.  Just so you know it’s not that big, I have an average size nose for my age. Funny story, a lot of the shots she took were way off center or blurry.  I had my tongue in that position, smothered in cum for over a minute. I had the constant taste of cum in my mouth and to be honest I loved it, I was getting hard again after a couple minutes.  I quite literally have no problems with eating my cum at anytime anymore.  I could do it every time.

Sucking Cum From Her Belly ButtonSucking Cum From Her Belly Button

As you can see the cum had pooled in her belly button.  Being the awesome cum eating husband that I am, I first dug my tongue deep in there and got a full taste and then I sucked the rest out.  When I was done, it was clean.  Well except for the last drip you see in the next picture.

Last drip of cum

Last drip of Cum

You know when we were done I thought that it had gone bad, that the pictures would be bad.  I told my wife if these suck I just won’t bother for now and maybe we’ll try again to get pics of me cum eating. But when I saw the pictures I was thrilled.  This last one takes the cake.  I love it.

I provided you with great pictures and so I ask you to check out the video in the link below.  I promise you won’t be unimpressed.

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  1. I taste a friends wife with his cream pie in it it was great … now looking to taste more

  2. Robert Lyrette on March 3, 2013 at 5:53 am said:

    Super pics, just what I’d love to do

  3. tastingmyown on February 16, 2013 at 4:43 pm said:

    Awesome pics, and your wife looks hot. So cool she is into you eating your own cum, wish mine was. She have any friends?

  4. That is so hot. I love licking my cum off my wife’s stomach, ass, pussy, where ever I happen to leave it.

  5. Wonderinghubby on February 12, 2013 at 1:09 pm said:

    Those are the most incredibly hot pics I have seen in quite sometime. Your wife has a KILLER body and your not too badly built yourself! She was smokin hot in those panties and seeing cum on her belly and then you licking it up … OMG! I think I have to go fuck my hand now! I am SO jealous of you! Thanks for posting.

  6. Great job Snowball! Love the pics and your wife’s got a hot bod. A great big thank you to her for agreeing to share your pics. Can we see cum on nips next:)

  7. moistredlips on February 8, 2013 at 12:04 pm said:

    Great pics of you lapping your cum from your wife’s OH SO SEXY tummy. Thanks for posting them for us all to enjoy.

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