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Several months ago before a long vacation, I tucked away our sex toys so they were hidden from nosy house sitters.  They have been in that spot ever since.  We have not used any sex toys in months and just lately I’ve been thinking we should get them out again.

Best Prostate massageUnfortunately my wife is “Out Of Commission” for the next several days if you know what I mean.  Which basically means I usually get a couple hand jobs or blow jobs with nothing in return.  That kind of sucks for me because I love pleasing my wife so sometimes I like to spice it up a little bit.

Last night I had this great idea while she was relaxing on the couch.  I decided to go have a shower and clean myself really well and then stick the best prostate sex toy in the world up my ass.  Yes you heard me, I do like to put butt plugs up my ass from time to time.  I also kind of find it fun to shock my wife with it up my ass at strange times. That is just what I did.

I found the toy tucked away in our hiding spot.  Then I lubed up my ass, lubed up my toy and jammed it ever so delicately up my ass.  It’s an interesting sensation to say the least.  It’s an amazing sensation when your dick is hard and a beautiful woman is stroking your cock.

Here is the best prostate sex toy in the world and at a great price of $12.95.

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best prostate sex toy

When I push the prostate massage sex toy up my ass I point the tip towards the front, towards my cock. This ensures when it’s fully inserted that it will touch your prostate while your wife or girlfriend sucks your cock.

Once it was inserted I put on my comfy clothes and went downstairs and sat on the couch beside my wife.  I immediately became horny because she was wearing short shorts and a thin white tank top with no bra. Her nipples were popping right through and she looked sexy as hell.  As I sat down I squirmed a bit and I continued to squirm as I could feel the prostate sex toy gently hitting my prostate.

She said what’s wrong with you, do you have ants in your pants? I laughed and explained I was incredibly horny.  She said you don’t look too horny I see no bulge in your pants. I figured this was my chance so I exclaimed “OH YA”.

Prostate Sex ToyI quickly stood up in front of her and pulled down my pants.  My half hard cock was in her face. She looked up and smiled at me and stuck out her tongue and touched the tip of my cock.  She moved it around every so slowly. Then she placed the head of my cock in her mouth and gently grabbed the base of my cock and started to stroke it.  She had no idea the prostate sex toy was in my ass. She continued stroking and sucking.  Then she stopped and I leaned in for a kiss.  She tasted like cock and I get so horny when I can taste it.  I told her she tastes like cock and I love it.  Then she proceeded to push her tongue further in my mouth.

As we were kissing I told her to squeeze the base of my balls and tickle.  I wanted her to feel the tips of the best prostate sex toy protruding from my ass.

It worked, “ooo”, she said, “what do we have here? You have gotten your toys out again. You love having a butt plug up your ass don’t you?”

Yes, I exclaimed, I was now harder than ever and I could feel pre cum dripping from my cock.  She looked down and noticed the goo.  She squeezed some out onto the tip of her finger and then fed it to me.  I tasted my pre cum and it tasted sweet. Then she kissed me again.

Stroke Cock While Massaging ProstateNow she knew the prostate sex toy was up my ass she pushed it up and in while jacking me off.  This caused it to push and hit my prostate just right.  I again felt a small gush of pre cum ooze from my cock.  This time she licked it up as she sucked away. The sensation was amazing.  It’s hard to explain but it’s like a gentle very pleasurable tickle inside you and feeling that pleasure at the same time your cock is being sucked is an out of this world feeling.

I began to moan real loud and I even started to grunt a little as an immense feelings of pleasure went through my body.  The peak of orgasm goes higher as you reach the climax.  I was there enjoying every second.

Then it happened, I unloaded a huge load of cum in my wife’s mouth.  It was one of the best orgasms I had felt in a while and I stayed in a daze for several seconds. But I was clear headed enough to know what was coming next.  My wife stood up, we were face to face, she said “open up sweet heart, I have something for you”. Then she kissed me and I found my mouth full of cum.  We stopped kissing, she could tell I had not yet swallowed.

“Hey swallow that load!”, she yelled, and I did just that.  We kissed again and she said, “Oh you naughty naughty boy.  Is that the best prostate sex toy in the world because you just ate the biggest load of cum ever.”

Woman Do Love Snowballing Men Too – It’s True

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Here is Proof Woman Love Snowballing Cum Too.

Although all my posts are true stories and you can tell because my wife isn’t into this fetish but does it for me, did you know there are actually woman who do love it?  Below is the first story written by someone other than me.  This person just found, realized there were others that shared his excitement with eating their own cum and felt he should tell us his fascinating story.  And Oh Fuck what a hot story it is.  I approve all comments to avoid spam so I read his comment before all of you.  I read it and just knew it was worthy of a front page post, not just a comment.

So here is an Anonymous Guest Post for you all to enjoy.

OMG…I just found your site and needed to add the following experience, to your stories.

I met a woman that I’ve known for some time, although not sexually, with a completely overwhelming oral fixation. Not that I’ve never had a BJ or 69 but, she took me on a voyage I can’t ( and don’t wish to ever) forget…. I’ve tried to explain this desire/obsession to a couple of my lovers with less than enthusiastic response. Maybe it’s too deviant…I kept thinking, there must be someone else who thinks this is sexy and exciting…and now, it seems I’ve found them…

I met this young woman while on vacation. We hit it off right away and after reaquainting and a few drinks and small talk, and dancing, grinding against each other, I know she could feel just how large and hard my cock had gotten. She whispered in my ear that she had “SOMETHING” in her room to take care of and grabbed my hand pulling me from the bar. We soon ended up in her hotel room stripping each others clothes off. I devoured every inch of her hot body. Her large breasts were soooo responsive her pussy flooded as I licked, caressed and sucked them. When I got to her creamy center, she began to moan so softly and got even more creamy, my cock began to throb as I licked and sucked her sweet Bald pussy. Shortly I slid my hard cock smoothly and Oh soooo slowly all the way into that incredibly wet pussy for a few long strokes. My mouth and face were already covered with her sweet nectar as we kissed and she licked my face clean. Now my cock and clean shaven balls dripping wet with her nectar too. I’m usually the more dominant type but this is where she took TOTAL control, after a just a few minutes fucking that hot mound. She pushed me down and getting on top in the hottest 69 I’ve ever had. I ate her dripping wet pussy while I caressed her beautiful ass and breasts. She proceeded to slowly tease and torture my cock and balls with her mouth, tongue, teeth and hands, All the while telling me not to swallow her juices till she told me to. I think I was producing a never-ending stream of pre-cum that she kept telling me she loved along with her wet juices coating my cock and balls. She held me on the edge for an eternity. She teased me till I thought I couldn’t stay on the edge a single heartbeat longer and she would stop, letting me simmer then start again and again nibbling with her teeth with just the right sharpness and pressure occasionally to increase my excitement. I continued to devour her soaking and now vibrating pussy with my tongue teeth and lips, trying to tease her as much as she was teasing me. Then she was ready and seemed to know exactly when she and I would both explode. When we did, she took all my cum into her mouth as she squirted again and again into mine and all over my face. We continued to suck until both of us were completely empty.

I have never before felt such release… Then, surprise, she spun around, her mouth full, lips and chin wet with my cum, my mouth full and whole face covered in her musky sweet creamy nectar. She began deep kissing/sharing our cum(she called it snowballing, I called it WOW SURPRISE#1). At the same time she wrapped her very wet upper thighs and pussy around my softening cock. Between the tastes(I had never tasted my own cum), wetness and sexyness of it all, I was very quickly hard as a rock again as I slipped easily into her hot soaking tunnel. She pounded her wet pussy up and down on my hard cock and “Snowballed” passing all that mixed hot cum back and forth for a while until we both came again as we each swallowed our share of the cum “cocktail”. She said that it was soooo good we should do it all over again. We did, starting with me eating my own cum out of her hot, sopping pussy. I came in her mouth three more times that night as she did in mine and “snowballing” each time. The last time, I did’t think I had anything left until, she started sucking sooo very softly until she felt my cock start to stir a little. She rolled us over so my ass was in the air and I could fuck her loving mouth while eating her gushing pussy. (Surprise #2) She slipped my now rock hard wet cock between her breasts while sucking my balls and licking, sucking and gently biting the area behind my balls. Without warning, she stuck a well lubed vibrating toy in my ass and massaged my prostate as she pushed my cock back into her mouth using her teeth(just the right pressure)and tongue seemed to be darting all over the head and shaft as she sucked me off… WOW! SURPRISE#3, It may not have been the most volume but I shot the longest & hardest of the night, we spasmed together for at least 2 minutes…once again sharing our rewards. It was the dirtiest, wettest, messiest sex I’ve ever had…. She didn’t just like the taste of cum…she craved it and wanted me to share her in cravings. I am soooooo HOOKED & LUCKY.

I haven’t been able to get this experience out of my head and get the biggest hard on just at the thought of how incredible the sex was…and how much she loved it. We spent the few days she had left together mostly in bed. She told me that it wasn’t gay if it was my own or our cum we were eating. That’s good because I think I’m addicted to the taste of cum mixed together in this way. I’ve even tried tasting my own cum after masturbating but it’s not the same. I think it has become an obsession. Thanks for your site.

So what did you all think?  Please comment and let us know.  I thought it was a great story and found it particularly arousing because the woman was into it big time.

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Part 5

A new beginning

Wow, why didn’t you tell me what you like?  Even if I didn’t like it I would have tried it.  There is nothing I wanted more than to please you.  After you snowballed me that time years ago it was all I thought about.  I loved it, and wanted to do it again.

Well honey, I’m horny, what can we do now?  You know I really need your cock right now, my pussy is soaking wet for you.

I had her lie down, we kissed and I gently played with her pussy lips.  I tickled all around her thighs and asshole.  She stroked my cock ever so gently.  I was hard still from when I had cum two minutes before.  I never went soft.  I slowly went down and began kissing around her nipples.  Her moans let me know I was touching her just right.  I continued my way down to her throbbing wet pussy.  My tongue just touched her clit and she grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face as hard as she could into her pussy.  I licked all over so slowly, licking her clit, her lips, her pussy hole and my favorite, her asshole.  She moaned as my tongue lashed her asshole.  I pushed it in gently and she was almost about to cum.  I stopped immediately and moved back up for a kiss.

Fuck me now I need you to cum in me now.  I don’t want to cum yet.

Why, why don’t you want to cum honey?

Because, I want you to blow your hot load in me.  Then I want you to go down on me and eat the creampie.  Then I will come.

I got on top and slipped my rock hard cock in her.  It slid in no problem because she was so wet.

Of fuck me fast, fuck me fuck me.

I pumped my cock about 5 times.  That is all I could handle.  I could feel the tension, my balls were ready to explode.

I had a massive orgasm and came inside her.

Get down there big boy, she said.  I need you to eat me.

There was no delay.  I was excited and got right down there.  I passed the clit and went right for her hole.  I dove in with my tongue as far as I could.  I tasted my cum right away.  I sucked it up and lapped it up with my tongue.  I stopped for a minute and looked down.  I could see a line of cum dripping to her asshole.  I went down and licked her asshole clean and tongue fucked her ass.  At the same time she starting finger blasting her clit.

Then it happened.  She had an amazing orgasm.  Her body shuttered and flexed and bounced around almost like she was in pain.  She couldn’t control the sound coming from her mouth.  The moans were so load.  She was having a convulsion that lasted for ever.  Finally it ended and she let out a long deep breath.  She then had another mini spasm.

Oh my, she exclaimed!!!  That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had, ever!!!

I leaned up to her and we shared a deep meaningful kiss.  Both our faces were covered in our juices and we loved every minute of it.

Well, she said, I really enjoyed that.  You know we will be exploring this fetish in much more detail in the days to come.

Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  This is the first day of a new beginning.

The End

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