My Path To Creampie Eating


Creampie EatingGetting a snowball from my wife led me down the creampie eating path – it seemed like a natural progression. This was going to be the next way I get my cum back from her. How to get over the post-coital let-down though? The thought of going down on her with a big load dripping out of her pussy was enough to drive me crazy – my cock would start to ooze precum when I thought about it. However, after cumming inside of her, I lost some desire or I was so out of breath from fucking I needed some time to recover. I still liked the idea, but I couldn’t just go to town right away. Plus, I wasn’t sure how she would feel about this new activity. So, I came up with a plan.

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I love to do 69 and so does she. While we were in that position, I told her how great she tasted but it would taste even better if she had a load of my cum in her. I took a chance that she wouldn’t freak out over that suggestion. She understood what I was getting at and was game. She spun around and started riding my cock. While she was doing that she asked if I was still going to lick her after she had a load of cum inside of her. I of course said yes and as the talk heated up, I quickly began to build up a huge orgasm. She grabbed my hair and started to pull on it – this sent me over the edge and I began to spurt my load into her. After I regained my senses, without a word she turned around and I was face to face with the first creampie I was going to lick up.

Snowballing to creampie eating

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I looked at her pussy while it was close up in my face. I could see that she was dripping wet not only from my cum but her own juices too. My wife has copious amounts of fluids but she is not a squirter; she is just very wet and I love it! As I was looking a bit of cum started to spill out of pussy lips – now or never! I just leaned in and took a big lick. A large amount of cum and pussy juices landed on my tongue and I began to lap it up. It was delicious, sexy, naughty, dirty and nasty all at the same time. I licked and licked and licked until no more cum was coming out of her, but I knew from the quantity I retrieved that there was still a lot in her. I didn’t notice that as I was licking her creampie I began to get hard again as she was also toying with my cock while we were in the 69. It was really the lapping of the cum filled pussy had me hard again though.


She said, wow you are hard again already and she moved forward to do the reverse cowgirl. This is another position I like because I really get a great show – I can see her pussy lips wrap around my cock as she goes up and down on it. It’s better than any porn movie that is for sure. I watched in ecstasy as she rolled her hips and my shaft was glistening from all the juices.


Then a giant wave of cum and pussy juices rolled down my cock and over my balls. I could feel it dripping down my ass crack and I knew this was from my earlier load that I couldn’t lick out. All this was too much and I exploded inside of her again and as she was still in the same position, I could see fresh cum rolling down the sides of my cock and coming out of her pussy.

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She backed up onto my face so we were in the 69 again. She was absolutely dripping wet from two loads of cum and the pussy licking I had just done. I buried my face into her pussy and drank up what I could! I was exhausted from two massive orgasms so we didn’t stay like that for long – however I had a lot of material to work with for my fantasies. The fact that she didn’t give me much choice by just spinning around and putting her pussy in my face was thrilling to me.

Creampie Eating

We went through a period where I would cum inside her through various positions and then I would either go down on her via 69 later in the night or the next morning. I could still taste my cum in her hours later! I began to prefer this delayed creampie cleanup as I didn’t have the post orgasm diminishing feeling. However, I am still determined to get past that problem….with her help.

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Cum Eating husband

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It’s been a while since there has been an update on your site, so I thought I would share my story for you and others. I’ve been going down the path of being a Cum Eating Husband for some time. I find fantasizing about the act to be very erotic, then I crave it like mad but, like many others, I will lose some of the desire once I orgasm. I’ve come to realize that I need my wife to either “force” me or at the very least to strongly suggest I do this for her. The coercion actually adds to the excitement of the act – that plays a part in my fantasies as well. Once I do get into the act, it is erotic as hell and I love it.

I thought that maybe this kink or fetish was a bit off-beat, but after reading how common it is on many sex forums it almost seems like a mainstream activity. There are those folks that think it is a homosexual or latent homosexual act, but it is far from it. I don’t have a desire to get it straight from the tap. I have mixed feelings about thinking about eating another man’s cum from my wife’s dripping pussy. Again it sounds somewhat erotic, but the circumstances surrounding that situation just seem too fart fetched to ever actually happen. I am not 100% opposed to another man fucking my wife – that might be exciting to watch. I’d like her to suck me while he is behind her pounding on her pussy. I’m not the overly jealous type because I know our relationship is solid in all areas. It would have to be somebody that is pretty much a stranger since I would never confess this fetish to any of my male friends. That itself leads to further complications that seems difficult to overcome.

Cum Eating Husband 2

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One of my first experiences with cum play came about 20 years ago with one of my girlfriends. She loved to give me blowjobs and she always swallowed. She told me about one of her previous boyfriends that would like to kiss her after she took a big juicy load in her mouth. The idea of doing that with her turned me on and we did do that a couple of times. Not full-on snowball, but she would French kiss me after blowing me and I could definitely taste my cum in her mouth. She and I didn’t stay together as a couple very long, and it was many years after her before other cum-play opportunities came up.

Now I am married and very happily in love with my wife. She is absolutely the sweetest and sexy woman I have been lucky enough to be with. She is quite open sexually (compared to many other prudish types out there) and loves to please me in any way I ask of her. She likes to give me blowjobs or handjobs and especially makes sure she looks after me in this way when her pussy is out of commission. Our first foray into cum-play happened when she gave me a really nice blowjob. While she was sucking my hard cock, I started thinking about cum kissing. I thought about how soon she would have a big load of cum in her mouth and how sexy it would be if she kissed me after so I could taste that she had taken the load and swallowed it. The thought of it quickly took me to the edge and I began having one of the best orgasms I have had in a long while. I thought I was going to cum forever! After I settled down, she made her way back up to the pillows and she said wow that was a lot of cum. I confessed that I was thinking about all the cum that was going to be in her mouth and it turned me on. She must have been reading my mind because she turned to me and planted a bit wet open mouth kiss. I could taste cum in her mouth as our tongues rolled around one another’s. The orgasm was so intense thinking about this fantasy; I knew I had to explore this fetish further now that I was with someone I trusted and I knew would be willing to experiment.

Cum Eating Husband 3

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The following week I told her how much I enjoyed kissing her after she had taken a load in her mouth. She seemed a bit surprised but thought the idea was very sexy as well. Several weeks later, we had another night of wonderful love making. Again, she gave me a humongous orgasm while sucking my cock and I exploded in her mouth. Silently, she made her way up to my face and surprised me with a big open mouth kiss. This time, she hadn’t swallowed my load and it all slid into my waiting mouth. I could feel and taste a lot of cum in my mouth. I liked the texture and the taste – it was very erotic knowing I had just came in her mouth and she had given it back to me. Even after I swallowed it, I could taste it in my mouth for some time. Days afterward I would fantasize about it and it would always get me hard. I finally had my first full-on snowball and I was hooked. It is cum-crack!

Thank you to Sexy Paloosa for his hot story.  Please come back, there will be much more from him.




Lately my husband and I have been using the Aneros products together.   He has several models, and I have both of the models that they have for women.

Eat Your Cum CreampieIts been an interesting ride thus far as both of us have been able to experience new types of pleasure together.  So this is what happened.

My hubby had already started his session without me, which I have NO problems with. I had no clue he was deep into his session when he called me into the bedroom.

Facial propositionWhen I walked in, I knew immediately what he wanted just from the look in his eyes. He looked to be in a totally relaxed bliss, “Yes, honey?” “wanna join me, or at least help me along?” he implored, his voice husky from arousal.

eat-your-cum-creampie3There is no way I could reject that kind of seduction on his part (even though I know he wasnt really trying). I knelt next to him on the bed.

Jerk You Onto Your Own FACEHe was lying on his back, with his knees bent, looking up at me through what seemed to be a deep haze. “What would you like for me to do?”

EAT YOUR CUMI asked him wondering where to start, as he knows what he wants/needs at the moment. “Touch me, run your fingers down my chest.” I complied, williingly stroking from his nipples to his belly button.



As I was relishing in the feeling of his muscles, I noticed his breath become deeper and slower. I let me hands meander in circles all over his belly down his happy trail.

eat-your-cum-creampie8I can hear him being to moan. I stay in that spot for a while noticing his cock growing. I love watching that…when I glanced up to his eyes they were closed, his breathing even deeper.

Snowball Kiss With CumI wanted to wrap my lips around so badly but thats not what I was there for. So instead I stroked hi scrotum down to his perineum with feather light pressure.

I lay down between his legs to get a closer look at the action, placing sweet soft kisses all over his scrotum. His cock starts to twitch. I slid my wet, soft, warm tongue slowly over his sensitive perinium.

Shivers moved through his body. By now I’m dripping we anticipating what I might get later. ‘I must concentrate’ I chanted repeatedly to myself, this (at least this part) was more for him than me.

I continued to nuzzle him with my nose and mouth, then began to run my fingers up and down the backs of his thighs. I heard his breath catch, “Breathe baby…” I purred to him against his scrotum and perinium.

He swung one of his legs over my head turning onto his side. I took that opportunity to continue to caress from the back of his knees up his legs to his ass, and back down again.

eat-your-cum-creampie10His moaning had become insistant unyeilding. The sound of his voice mixed with the lingering taste of him on my tongue and my heightening arousal was steering me precariously close to the edge of a steep cliff.

It seemed as if my senses were elevated, looking at him (and what a great visual that was), it seemed as if my vision became clearer. It was like I could see or at least sense what he wanted.

So I started almost tickling his side along his ribs but with a little more pressure. The frequency of his breathing sped up several notches. After a few minutes I moved to his back caressing him gingerly.

I decided to lay down behind him and spoon with him. I reached around and pinched his nipple, while pressing my achingly hard nipples against his back. I could feel his warmth penetrating me and I really focused on our closeness.

The next thing I know he turned to face me to kiss me deeply. He pulled me on top of him, then sat up with me in his lap. “Hold on.” he said, before I could gather my bearings my legs are wrapped around his waist.

He stood up, and in seconds my back is against the nearest wall. He began kissing me again and slid into me breath takingly slow. Of course he stroked me for all I was worth.

I kind of lost track of space and time as usual because I can’t focus on much when he is inside me but him. I do remember in the middle thinking oh shit the progasm is still in!!! Long after my legs were shaking, and my back was aching he finally came.

It was vastly different. It seemed as if his cock pulsed about twice as much as any normal time we have sex. He didn’t immediately go flaccid immediately after ejaculation.

Then the most surprising was when my feet finally hit the floor, and his manhood slipped from my womanly grip his cum dripped from me coating my inner thighs and running down both of my legs.

I have never seen him cum that much. Just for the copious amounts of cum the aneros’ devices we have are definitely staying and I’ll probably be adding it to the arsenal.

As I leaned, dazed against the wall trying to catch my breath and regain my bearings, my husband kneeled down in front of me.

“Wow, thats so sexy, watching my cum drip out of you!” I looked down at him foggy eyed.  He lifted one of my legs onto his shoulder spreading my thighs.

Apparently he was not done with me yet much to my surprise, because I was worn out.  I couldn’t move.  Frozen in time and space I watched as he licked his cum from the inside of my thigh that was thrown over his shoulder.

He moved ever so slowly closer to my dripping cunt.  When his tongue glided over my labia I exhaled the breath I had been holding.  I didn’t even realize I was holding my breath until then.

He separated my labia with his thumb and forefinger and began gobbling up my pussy with reckless abandon.  He was giving my pussy a thorough tongue lashing.

Then he did what he knows always makes me climax with little effort on his part.  He started slowly sucking my clit, rhythmically tugging it into submission.   I didn’t have a hope in the world, I came long and hard.

My knees weakened by the force of my pleasure.  I sank onto the floor with him and he wrapped his arms around me.  I don’t know how long we stayed down there like that.

I know I fell asleep because the next morning I woke up in bed and I have no recollection of climbing into bed under my own will power.

I hope you enjoyed Deva Jones’ story.

If you like to eat your cum creampie from your wife or girlfriend please leave a comment and let us know.  Last week I laid my wife on the edge of the bed, spread her legs and jerked off right on to her labia and pussy.  When done, I leaned right down and licked her pussy clean. I tasted every drop and loved every second of it.  Cum was all over my lips, nose and chin.  I mean her pussy was just covered, it was practically fully white.  I licked her without abandon.  Let’s here your stories of when you eat your cum creampie